Full canopy trade service bodies
A full canopy trade service body refers to a fully enclosed three door canopy that is entirely sealed on all sides and completely weatherproof. It offers security for the entire contents of your ute tray, creating a safe mobile workspace that enables you to access your tools of trade regardless of the weather. It’s the perfect option if you need lots of secure, well-organised storage space and don’t need to transport bulky goods.
Part canopy trade service bodies
If you’re looking for a service body that still offers the functionality of a ute tray, part canopy trade service bodies are the perfect compromise. Offering the best of both worlds, part canopy trade service bodies have a combined ute canopy and rear tray. They are perfect when you need an area to store long or bulky items, while still having space to securely store your tools of trade and to enjoy a clear, dry workspace.
Tool module trade service bodies
If you’re looking for storage space in the middle of your ute tray, tool module trade service bodies are your best option. It’s ideal for trades that require storage space for longer items, while still providing the security of enclosed storage for tools and equipment on either side of your ute tray. Incredibly versatile, it’s also possible to select the length of tool module service body and fit out to suit your vehicle specs.
Accessories for trade service bodies
Trade service bodies are purpose-built to work with our range of accessories. Our integrated accessory fixing tracks make it easy to customise your space with internal storage shelves and drawers, plus there is matting, mesh dividers and more. Under tray integrated fixing tracks are also available for water tanks and boxes. You can browse the full range of internal, external and electrical accessories on our website.
Customising our trade service bodies
Every work vehicle has its own unique requirements, and our modular design delivers superior versatility, with the ability to individually configure each service body. With your choice of accessories, shelving units, drawer storage, lighting and more, our trade service bodies are custom-built to get the job done. We also have a range of colour coded 2K automotive finishes that can be matched to your vehicle.
Contact the Hidrive team
When choosing a trade service body, your best option will be the one that ticks the most boxes for storage and function. Our team is here to help you find and customise the right service body for your needs. Contact Hidrive on 1300 368 161 for more information.