Palfinger Cranes

Accessories / Lift-hoist-and-hydraulic

12 Month Warranty

Accessories / Lift Hoist & Hydraulic

Palfinger Cranes

PALFINGER are an Austrian light truck crane supplier offering a range of models to help meet wide ranging lifting and loading requirements. Hidrive offers service body solutions compatible with the PC1500 and PC2700 PALFINGER Crane options.

Model PC1500 PC2700
Capacity ton/m 1.40 2.60
Control Type Manual or Remote Radio remote
Jib Extensions 4 hydraulic 4 hydraulic
Integrated Stability Control No Yes
Max lift at min reach 990 1700
Max reach with manual ext. 3100 5000
Max lift at max reach 440 500
Power Source 24V Powerpack or PTO PTO

Features & Benefits

  • Hidrive has a range of service body solutions compatible with PALFINGER Cranes
  • Our engineering team have developed a range of options to meet customer needs while also complying with safety requirements


Compatibility Truck
Warranty 12 Month manufacturers warranty

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