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Australian Manufacturing Excellence

Here at Hidrive Group, we take pride in having become a true demonstration of Australian manufacturing excellence.

Our team are driven by our company values, efficiently delivering products and service that showcase our expertise and the manufacturing technologies that we employ.

Simply put…it’s Australian manufacturing excellence:

  • Excellence in our people
  • Excellence in design
  • Excellence in operations
  • Excellence in lean manufacturing methodologies
  • Excellence in systems and quality management

As a 100% Australian owned, private company, we have control over all facets of design, manufacture, installation and service. We have complete and full assurance that every product is efficiently manufactured to a consistently high level of reliability and quality for our clients.

That’s what makes us Australia’s preferred supplier of service bodies for Utes and light trucks.

Made Right Here

Australian product, Australian made.

Hidrive’s commitment is to put local first. Our products are made right here in Australia from a secure supply chain, and they can’t be beaten! In the most unpredictable times that this generation has ever seen, our clients can be assured of supply and Australian-made quality with Hidrive Group.

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Having vertically integrated manufacturing operations, we have achieved both Australian and global standards with our Quality Policy.

Certification to the ISO9001 standard underscores our commitment to quality and continuous improvement of our systems and products. Our customers and suppliers have the assurance that Hidrive Group operates under a globally recognised quality management system. It is regularly audited and has been certified as complying with international standards.

Quality Policy

Lean Management Systems

With a strong focus on ‘lean’ manufacturing processes, we have continually improved the delivery of our product through improving the efficiency of our production and installation facilities and our internal systems. We deliver value to our clients by eliminating waste, building in value and continuously improving.

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On Time Guarantee

Our Australian manufacturing excellence allows us to provide you with our On Time Guarantee. We understand the importance of working within time bound constraints. Whether your business is planning a fleet rollout, or a single vehicle upgrade, our efficient processes and FleetAssist team ensure that your service bodies are delivered on our promised timeline.

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FleetAssist is an internal department of Hidrive, dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to our clients throughout the journey of their fleet roll-out.  This is achieved using our FleetAssist online platform, which is a transparent and easy-to-use portal for all stakeholders involved. Through the manufacturing, installation, and delivery processes, the FleetAssist team is able to provide coordination between all stakeholders with progress tracking and visibility.

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National Service Network

Part of our Australian manufacturing excellence is our commitment to supporting you throughout the entire journey of your fleet. Our dedicated Service and Support team are there to offer you quality after-sales support to ensure your vehicles are kept on the road. As part of our service commitment to our clients, we have developed a national coverage, and we are committed to providing quick and efficient support.

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