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On the road

Hidrive has been in the industry long enough to know that managing a fleet rollout can be a time-consuming project and we do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible. Trusted by Fleet Managers across Australia, let our experienced team partner with you through the journey. 


Engaging With Stakeholders:

We make a point of being onsite with FMO/Fleet Manager/Field Service Managers to show a real demonstration vehicle while learning about your paint points and understanding your requirements – The more we know, the better the outcome.

Once we understand your needs our engineering team can design a fit-for-purpose turnkey solution including body design, internal and external fit out, electrical and accessories. Our ability to review and adjust design concepts, layout drawings and proposals efficiently allow you to be in control of the process and ultimately get the best product possible for you and your business.

Be In Control From Start To Finish:

From the initial design concepts through to the finished vehicle arriving on-site, we keep you engaged and in control of where the project is up to. Our transparent and regular communication with all necessary stakeholders means you’re aware of the projects progress throughout.

Fleetassist - Our online portal, enables all stakeholders full visibility throughout the rollout process so you can see in real-time how the fit-out is progressing.

Hidrive’s On Time Guarantee means you will have a verified date for competition (subject to conditions – LINK TO OTG PAGE) enabling you to plan your rollout accordingly.


Help Along The Way:

Once your fleet is out on the road, our service goes on. Hidrive’s after sales national support network ensures that your fleet is always moving. From one vehicle to an entire fleet, we provide support right across the country, through our network of certified service body maintenance agents.