Internal Integrated Accessory Fixing Track
Easy, versatile, modular installation and re-positioning of internal fit-out inside the service body, eliminating the need for fixings to penetrate service body panels.
External Integrated Accessory Fixing Track
Safe and easy installation of external accessories that can be re-positioned without drilling service body panels.
Internal Dual-action Adjustable Hinge
Concealed adjustable hinges ensure that moving parts are out of the weather and provide optimum security.
Aluminium Polymer Co-bonded Construction
Engineered aluminium fuselage with polymer co-bonded panels delivers lightest weight with unrivalled reliability.
Flush Floor System
Your workspace is safe and easy to unload with clear access to tools for trade, shelving, and drawers.
LED Lighting
Australian Design Rules (ADR) approved LED tail lights. Comply relevant ADR: 1/00, 6/00, 13/00, 48/00, 49/00, 60/00.
Door Open Seal
Creates gutter to channel water away, keeping your workspace dry while door is open.
Positive Sealing System
Your workspace is positively sealed against dust and water ingress.
Under Tray Integrated Accessory Fixing Track
Ensures versatile and positive fixing for under tray accessories such as water tanks and boxes.
Colour Coded 2K Automotive Finishes
2K automotive paint finish. Matched to the vehicle in white or OEM metallic, with the assurance of easy maintenance and long lasting durability.
Modular Multifit Chassis Mount System
Enables *transfer of Hidrive Service Body from Existing Vehicle to new vehicle. *Must be compatible vehicle type