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Elphinstone Mechanical Services
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Perth, WA
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"EMS collaborated with Hidrive to design and manufacture our fleet of fit-for-purpose ute and truck service bodies, making life easier and more productive for our mechanical services team every day."
Alex, Mechanic, Elphinstone Mechanical Services

The Client

Elphinstone Mechanical Services (EMS) has grown from one person – Shane Elphinstone – nearly 15 years ago, to nearly 200 staff delivering heavy equipment field mechanical maintenance services across Western Australia, Northern Territory and beyond!

“With our partnership with Brian and Hidrive, we’ve evolved our vehicles into what they are today. Not only does it look better when they are running down the road, the productivity that can come out of the vehicles with our team is just getting better and better.”
– Shane Elphinstone, Owner and Founder, EMS

Needs Analysis

Three things were critical to providing a fit-for-purpose solution for EMS:

  1. Breakdowns on earthmoving machinery and equipment can cost thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars, every hour. EMS is relied on to fix breakdowns (often in remote locations) ASAP, first time — so capacity to carry the tools and parts for every type of repair to every job was crucial.
  2. Shane had previously purchased a service body from another supplier that he thought was light and fit-for-purpose. Unfortunately, this led to a reported ‘near miss’ onsite — a situation that was unacceptable and not to be repeated.
  3. Competition for the best tradespeople in the WA market is fierce — having a fleet of best-in-brand vehicle service bodies would enhance EMS as an employer of choice.


EMS Hidrive Service Body


Shane ordered his first aluminium service body from Hidrive (then known as ‘Bosston Auto Bodies’) in the late 2000s. The service body was stronger and lighter than any service body he’d previously used. Plus, it improved safety for his workforce and enabled more tools and spares to be carried on board while staying under the payload limit.

Since then, EMS and Hidrive have continued to work together to evolve and grow the powerhouse fleet of vehicles that have helped cement EMS’ place as an employer of choice in their industry.

Part of the reason I came over to EMS…was the Hidrive units Shane provided us.
– Alex, onsite Machinist & Line Borer

Delivering on time, with certainty.


EMS Hidrive Service BodyMy experience with Hidrive has been amazing. They produce good service boxes with toolboxes that allow you to have up to 20 kilos in some of the drawers. Very lightweight, very strong. I can carry my toolbox – about 350 kilos – with no dramas and keep on my aircon.
– James Rogoysky, Site Support HD Mechanic

The Result

  • In an industry where having a reputation for staff safety is critical, EMS is now second-to-none.
  • EMS mechanics can carry as many tools and spare parts as they need to every job done, first time. Plus, productivity and job satisfaction have both improved because the team love working with Hidrive vehicles!
  • Hidrive service bodies have been proven time and again on some of Australia’s harshest and most rugged terrain.
  • EMS has attracted and retained a high-calibre workforce as an employer of choice.


EMS Hidrive Service Body - Rod

The Hidrive Service Body is absolutely fantastic. It suits my purpose extremely well. The way the door closes, the hinging arrangement is pretty clever. It makes the door seal correctly and keeps all the dust, dirt and salt out.
– Rod, Mechanic at EMS


Hidrive has collaborated with EMS to design and refine EMS ute and truck service body canopies, making life easier and more productive for EMS’ mechanical service team every day, and for years to come.

Hidrive’s support and collaboration has been spot on.
– Shane Elphinstone, Owner & Founder EMS

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