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Look the best. Be the best.

It shows when you have the best. Repeat customers know that their Hidrive fleet is a key part of their success. Since 1995. 


Durable, light and safe. It makes sense to make certain with a Hidrive ute service body.

Durable inside and out

What’s the cost of a broken drawer? A half day of wasted downtime? Some fleet managers think it is reasonable to replace drawer components annually. Our ute drawers are built to last.

Light & Strong

Fuel savings, carry more, stay under legal payload and reduced breaking distances without sacrificing the durability your job demands.

Less Headaches for Fleet Managers

No time for whingers or a non-compliant fleet that nobody is happy with? Invest in a service body that works and is built to last.

Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier.

As Australia’s largest service body manufacturer, we work proactively and collaboratively with all major brands.

Our Ford Australia Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) Certification is recognition of Hidrive’s world-class ute service bodies and the entire process, end-to-end.

Hidrive is a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier Partner

Largest network of Ford QVM accredited locations.

Our processes, quality control are audited and must adhere to Ford's strict guidelines to maintain this priviliged status.

Electrical/safety system modifications.

Significant electrical/safety system modifications are required to reintegrate into Ford’s vehicle electronics.

Keep your fleet compliant.

Advanced driver assistance technologies means you cannot risk your fleet not being nationally compliant.

Ute Service Body

Service Body

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One of the reasons why mechanics join and stay at EMS is the gear we get to use, especially the vehicles. We couldn’t be any happier with the Hidrive service bodies on the trucks and utes, they’re so much easier and safer to work with.

Elphinstone Mechanical Services

We saved an equitable $3.85m in time savings annually by installing Hidrive service bodies across our national brand with 350+ field staff accessing the rear of vehicles 4-8 times per day . Hidrive service bodies are safe, cost effective, of great quality and the only option I have used for over a decade in my managerial capacity since coming across this brand.

Elmo Pavis
Hidrive Testimonial - Ross Benalla
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As a professional who relies on my vehicle to get the job done, having everything I need at my fingertips is crucial. Thanks to Hidrive’s attention to detail and expertise in customisation, my service body is not only durable and reliable, but it’s also designed to meet my unique needs. Great quality, great product & great service!

Ross Wood
Field Technician
Ross Wood Electrical
Hidrive Testimonial - Brandt / John Deere
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As a field mechanic for John Deere, having a reliable and fully customised service body for my Ford Ranger is essential to getting the job done efficiently. That’s why I turned to Hidrive, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s simply fantastic!

Brandt / Field Mechanic For John Deere
Hidrive Case Study - Service Bodies for Utes

Canberra Pest Control has had Hidrive Service Bodies, build all our new vehicle bodies for the last 3 years. I find the quality of the product second to none and the after sales service continues well after the vehicles are finished. I highly recommend HiDrive Service Bodies and will continue to use their products & services for many years to come.

Bernard Dunne
Pest Control Expert
Canberra Pest Control
Hidrive Service Body Accessories

“In my opinion they are leaders in their field when it comes to the quality and durability of their product, technical expertise, national coverage capability, competitive pricing and account management. They also provide strong after sales support and warranty work without any issues.”

Lorna Toynton
Vehicle Management & Benefits Coordinator
Cummins South Pacific

Innovation from the ground up

Accessories to get the job done right.

Select from a range of roof racks, ladder slides, under tray boxes, under tray roller drawers, gas bottle restraints, towbars and more.

External Accessories.

Select from a range of external accessories including roof racks, ladder slides, under tray boxes, under tray roller drawers, gas bottle restraints and towbars and more.

Internal Accessories.

With an unrivalled suite of modular internal accessories, our range includes rubber matting, shelving kits, mesh dividers, roof shelves, drawer units, fold down vice kits, load restraint track kits, fire extinguisers, parts storage bins and more.

Electrical Accessories.

We have a qualified and experienced automotive electrical installations team, so you can be sure your electrical system has been designed and connected to the highest standard.

Design your SERVICE BODY

Our Process.

We pride ourselves on listening to understand your needs. Only then will we recommend what we feel is best to help you succeed. We have tailored our modular system to create over 20,000 unique builds since the 1990’s, meaning that you will benefit from lessons learned from similar jobs.

  • Email or chat with a Mobile Workspace Expert.
  • Depending on your needs, we will email reference information, perhaps including photos or videos of past builds to help to illustrate your options.
  • We willl arrange an on-site demo and/or call with your key stakeholders, including end-users.

Depending on the complexity of your job, we may supply drawings with your quote.

On the day your order is confirmed, we give you a delivery date based on vehicle availability. Our pre-production processes start now.

We have a dedicated customer care team that liaises with you, your dealer and Fleet Management Organisation. We find that this can dramatically improve delivery times, reduce administration and hassles with your fleet roll-out. Find out more

Once we have confirmed vehicle availability, we work to ensure your service body is produced to align with your vehicle arrival date.

This means we typically only require your ute for a week or two, getting you on the road sooner. 

We are the only service body manufacturer in Australia with a company-owned national installation network, ensuring consistency and ISO9001 quality compliance.

Case Studies

Elphinstone Mechanical Services

EMS Field Mechanic Fleet

Hidrive collaborated with EMS to design and manufacture our fleet of fit-for-purpose ute and truck service bodies, making life easier and more productive for our mechanical services team every day, for years to come.
EMS Hidrive Service Body
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“One of the reasons why mechanics join and stay at EMS is the gear we get to use, especially the vehicles. We couldn’t be any happier with the Hidrive service bodies on our trucks and utes, they’re so much easier and safer to work with.”

Ute Service Body


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Leave no doubt.

Typically, we require an ‘RTSG Form’, 30% Deposit or a Purchase order from an approved customer to commence our delivery process. Feel free to reach out if you would like more information about this.

Hidrive Service Body Canopies are built with a multi-fit chassis to enable transfer to another brand vehicle, improving resale and the lifetime value of your investment. Some have been in use for over 20 years! A Hidrive on a Hilux might be transferred to a Ranger, then a BT-50, then a Navara, Amarok or a Triton! Re-use is greener than recycling!

In short, yes. While no system is infallible, Hidrive’s ‘positive seal” is well-known and well-regarded in the market for the ability to ensure the canopy remains dust and moisture free.

Equipping your assets with high-quality Hidrive accessories ensures compatibility, warranty and in the case of the tow bar, fit with the vehicle body length.

We drop the towbar to the right height, so there’s a safe gap between the tow-ball and your service body, avoiding hand jamming injuries when attaching / detaching trailers.

Finished height will depend on several factors such as the suspension and if appropriate, any upgrade to the suspension, the height of the canopy and other factors. Feel free to chat with a member of our team to help us better understand your requirements so that we might make a fit-for-purpose recommendation and estimate of the finished height, based on our experience.

There are three service body heights: 850/900/1000mm. While 850mm is our “streamlined” service body, the 900 and 1000mm allows for greater capacity to fit larger items and bigger loads.

Feel free to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable Mobile Workspace Experts. They’re trained to understand vehicle axle loads and GVM regulation and compliance issues.

Yes, all our manufacturing and installation facilities in each location across the states have a showroom.

We often find that the best way to share the quality and difference in a Hidrive Service Body is to visit one of our showrooms to help understand how we can build a fit-for-purpose solution and also to help understand the process of delivery of your service body on time, with certainty.

Yes, we work closely with dealers, FMO’s and others to help ensure a seamless experience.

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