Hidrive Ute Rear Roller Drawer Service body Variations 

Rear Roller Drawer

Space-saving and secure underbody storage for longer items like shovels, brooms and poles. Rolls out for easy access.

The Hidrive rear roller drawer runs the full length of the canopy, accessible from the rear of the vehicle, and is key lockable. It has a load-bearing capacity of 80kg.
As an additional OH&S measure, the drawer includes staged safety locking to prevent it from unintentionally opening or closing in full (when parked on a slope for example) and jamming fingers or knocking a vehicle at the rear. The latch must be rotated 90 degrees to open the drawer in full.
The drawer closes flush with the service body, ensuring clear access to loads inside the rear door of your service body and the towbar.
The rear roller drawer is compatible with the Hidrive Lockable Lid (sold separately).

Lockable lid

Gas strut assisted hinged lid with seals, also creates a useful work surface. Additional safety from 400mm catch locks to prevent uncontrolled opening.

Hidrive Rear roller drawer lid accessories for Ute and trailer service bodies

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