What do we need to get started?

Your signed contract and estimated vehicle availability timing. Your logo in .ai, .eps or .pdf format. Examples of previous vehicle branding our design team can recreate, improve or modify (optional). Images of vehicle wraps or branding you like (email us) so our design team can reference them in the design process (optional). If you prefer, […]

Can the vehicle be cleaned in a drive-through car wash?

A touchless automatic car wash is technically the best choice of automatic car wash for vehicles with signage, however, because you have no control over the direction or pressure of the water jets there is a possibility that this could cause damage to the signage. Brush type car washes should not be used, and are […]

How often should the vehicle be cleaned?

The vehicle should not be cleaned within the first 48 hours of the signage being applied. After this 2-day period, it is recommended to wash your vehicle every two weeks, or a minimum once a month.

Will the wrap peel or fade?

It is likely that your vehicle wrap may begin to fade after around 4 years. Like paint, vehicle graphics will fade over time. Fading can be reduced by garaging and appropriately washing your fleet.

Can the signage be removed?

We use world-class materials that enable removal with the right tooling. This is useful when vehicles are sold or leases expire.

How long does it take to install the signage?

We treat FleetBrand installation as part of the service body build so we apply it at the same time. And because it’s all done at your nearest Hidrive installation location, this avoids extra transport costs and third-party supplier delays.