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Hidrive Workplace Health and Safety

Hidrive Workplace Health and Safety


Hidrive Group recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors. This commitment extends to ensuring that the organisation’s operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage.


Hidrive Group will:

  • Provide safe plant and systems of work.
  • Provide procedures and instructions to ensure safe systems of work.
  • Ensure compliance with legislative requirements and current industry standards.
  • Provide information, instruction, training and supervision to employees, contractors and customers to ensure their safety.
  • Provide compassion, support and assistance to employees in the event of injury management or rehabilitation.
  • Provide a safe work environment that is free from bullying or harassment.


Each management representative is accountable for implementing this policy in their area of responsibility.

Management is responsible for:

  • Undertaking hazard identification and risk assessment and to implement risk control measures.
  • Reacting to notification of hazards by either fixing them immediately or, if this is not possible, by passing information onto Management for the provision of capital if necessary to remove safety hazards.
  • Providing information immediately to Senior Management of each accident claim or near miss for risk management review
  • The provision and maintenance of the workplace in a safe condition
  • Involvement in the development, promotion and implementation of health and safety policies and procedures
  • Training employees in the safe performance of their assigned tasks
  • The provision of resources to meet the health and safety commitment

Employees are to:

  • You are required by law to take reasonable care to ensure your own health and safety and ensure that you do not adversely affect the health or safety of your fellow workers, or any other person in the workplace, through any act or omission.
  • Follow all health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Report all known or observed hazards to their immediate supervisor or manager, as well as all injuries in the workplace are to be recorded in the injury/incident register
  • Providing information immediately to Senior Management of each accident claim or near miss for risk management review.
  • Wear, use and maintain PPE issued, as instructed.
  • Correct hazards and report those you can’t correct.
  • Co-operate with management on matters of health and safety.

Application of the Policy

This policy is applicable to all operations. It is endorsed at the most senior level and displayed at all work locations.

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