12 Hidrive Service Body Accessories to Help You Get the Job Done

November 3, 2016

Interior Accessories

Hidrive service bodies make great mobile workspaces, and tailoring them with accessories adds another level of functionality that will help you to get the job done safely and efficiently. Here are twelve of the best:

1. Underfloor rear roller drawer

The underfloor rear roller drawer makes excellent use of the underbody area for secure storage of tools and parts. It rolls out for easy access, making it a convenient and reliable solution for commercial use. It has an 80kg capacity with an evenly distributed load, and comes with a staged safety locking system.

2. Undertray poly water tank/15 litre/soap dispenser

The undertray poly water tank has a soap dispenser, and is made from food grade poly. With a 15 litre capacity – this will ensure that you always have a supply of clean water on hand. The convenient soap dispenser and tap make it easy to wash up once you’ve got the job done.

3. Aero roof vent

The aero roof vent is an aerodynamic venturi style vent that will keep your service body ventilated. It is colour matched to the service body, making it functional and unobtrusive.

4. Aluminium underbody box

The profiled undertray aluminium box is your solution to utilising all of  the available space. With a secure compression lock and door seals, it keeps everything safe and secure at all times. It can be colour matched to the service body for a smooth and seamless look.

5. Hidrive trades rack 2400L/1310W

These trades racks are available in different lengths, and are constructed from commercial grade aluminium for lightweight durability. The trades rack is compatible with Hidrive accessories such as the rear ladder roller, ladder hooks and conduit carrier, and has easy hitch points for safe load securing.

6. Hidrive commercial roof bar

This heavy duty commercial roof bar is a 1375mm/3 bar kit that has a large loop in end caps for fixing straps and load restraints. It has an integrated adjustable accessory fixing track, and comes with adaptor mounts and feet. It is also compatible with a number of other Hidrive accessories.

7. Shelving kit/3 tier/1555mm long

The Hidrive 3 tier shelving kit is 1555mm long, but is also available in different lengths and configurations. The modular height adjustable shelving system is compatible with parts bins for storage of parts and tools, and is lightweight and strong. It has three elevated levels for ease of use.

8. Record 100mm engineers vice and fold down holder

The Record 100mm vice is fitted to the Hidrive folding vice holder for easy compact storage. It has a robust design for those tough jobs, and is compact enough to fold away when not in use. The fold away holder is fitted with a commercial engineers vice that will get the job done.

9. Hidrive vehicle drawer

Commercial drawer units are available in a range of sizes that can maximise your storage options. It has easy to operate roller slides and its reliable locking system means that valuable equipment is safe and secure at all times. This wide series drawer is also compatible with the Hidrive shelving kit system.

10. Security alarm to service body

The security alarm is a protection system for your service body, and will alert you if the security of your service body is compromised. With entry point protection for doors, it is operated through a separate remote control fob. It has a high intensity LED deterrent light in the vehicle, and large siren alarm.

11. Light, lock and go kit

This kit includes Central locking system to service body doors that is linked to the vehicle, LED interior lights with an override switch through a door alarm system, Door ajar alarm with a buzzer in the cab, and a 12 volt double CIG socket. It’s a must-have for busy service techs who are serious about a secure and safe workspace.

12. Smart park reverse cam kit

This commercial reverse camera kit assists with trailer hitching and safe reversing. The surface mount camera has 160 degree vision, with optional guidelines and protector bracket. The mirror mount screen replaces OEM mirror, for safe and stress-free reversing.