5 Ways Hidrive can improve your business in 2020

October 20, 2019

Hidrive can improve your business in 2020

Five ways that Hidrive can improve your business in 2020. Give your business a quantum leap forward in 2020 with a fleet of Hidrive Service Bodies.

Fleet managers and business owners have a lot to consider when it comes to buying fleet vehicles. Things like vehicle type and procurement, health and safety, fuel management, vehicle maintenance and meeting compliance standards to name a few.

These considerations are all interrelated and ultimately shape fleet buying decisions for companies right across Australia. Majority of service industries, government departments and corporate fleets in Australia will choose utes for their fleet vehicles, as utes check majority of the boxes, from the requirements listed above and many more.

Utes are highly practical, as well as, safe and compliant vehicles. Utes improve working efficiencies, productivity and provide economical cost of life benefits for businesses.

If your fleet is made up predominately of utes or you are thinking about purchasing a fleet of utes for your business, this article is for you.

Hidrive can enhance ute fleets, that are already cost-effective and functional, creating driving efficiencies for your workforce.

1. Hidrive service bodies help minimise your business’ problems.

Hidrive provide big opportunities from start to finish by engaging with key stakeholders early on. Hidrive have an easy solution for fleet managers and provide the expertise to build customised fleet solutions that help businesses to eliminate day-to-day problems.

Firstly, an onsite visit to the fleet management organisation, business owner, fleet manager or field service manager with a Hidrive demonstrator vehicle for review and inspection.

During this visit a Hidrive representative will listen and learn about your operational needs. The more the Hidrive representative knows upfront about your business’ pain points, the better the outcome Hidrive can produce to alleviate those problems.

Hidrive expertise has helped manage positive outcomes for clients relating to costing and budgets, reliability, Workplace Health & Safety (WHS), environmental issues, compliance (fit for purpose) and managing delivery timelines.

2. Customised fleet solutions tailored to your industry.

Customisation of your vehicles is engineered in the design concept and proposal phase. This will help create future synergies between your fleet vehicles and workforce before manufacturing has even begun. Hidrive are experts in manufacturing and delivering driving efficiencies for mobile workforces nationally.

Hidrive’s engineering, design and innovation team establishes a fit-for-purpose turnkey configuration including body design, internal and external fit-out, complimented by electrical and vehicle accessories.

Your design concept allows for the following considerations:

Budget and Capex constraints
Ergonomics, accessibility and safety
Vehicle compatibility
Compliance (fit for purpose)
Site compliance requirements

Review of your design concept, layout drawings and proposals includes:

Pre-build weight and vehicle Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) compliance calculator
Confirmation of all vehicle and accessories
Versus/comparative analysis
FleetAssist portal for full visibility through the rollout process for all stakeholders.
Hidrive’s On Time Guarantee
ISO9001 compliance
Hidrive’s aftersales service and warranty provisions.

Having vehicles that are customised to your industry and job specific will give your business competitive advantage over businesses with a fleet of generic utes.

3. Hidrive FleetAssist will improve your project management

FleetAssist is Hidrive’s coordinated cloud-based fleet project management portal.

FleetAssist keeps you in control of your new fleet, allowing you to manage your next fleet rollout the FleetAssist way, including:

One point of contact for all fleet information
Current information on the status of your fleet project
An easy to use login to see your fleet status
Live transparent information on location and status of vehicles.

FleetAssist gives you the ability to track when and where your fleet builds are up to, allowing business managers to forecast, manage projects and allocate vehicles to future projects whilst they are being manufactured.

Our completely transparent process will help you make informed business decisions, allowing you to concentrate on the strategies and tactics, that help your business to be profitable.

4. Rest assured that your vehicles will be compliant

Hidrive make sure to manufacture service bodies to your business’ specifications. Building the service body to your business’ advised compliance requirements goes a long way to making sure that all your vehicles are safe and compliant.

In accordance with best industry practice and with a corporate duty of care, Hidrive ensures that each vehicle fitted with a Hidrive service body is supplied with a comprehensive compliance weight report. The report contains vital information that is required to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and registered correctly, recording the front and rear axle weight and the overall vehicle tare weight.

The convenience of having weigh stations on-site to take accurate measurements of vehicle weight, once the service body and accessories have been added means peace of mind for customers, providing compliance documentation for state registration purposes and reassurance that the vehicle remains within legal mass limits.

Non-compliant vehicles may expose stakeholders to liability; Hidrive is committed to offering this service in the interests of safety and duty of care to all their valued customers.

5. Service body fit outs and accessories to assist your workforce

Hidrive have a range of internal, external and electrical accessories you need to get the job done.

Hidrive’s suite of modular accessories are engineered to keep valued tools of trade safe and accessible and will optimise the safety and efficiency of your workforce with a well organised, and fit – for – purpose mobile workspace.

The Hidrive external accessories range includes roof racks, ladder slides, under tray boxes, under tray roller drawers, gas bottle restraints and tow bars. They provide an excellent solution for most trade needs.

An unrivalled suite of modular internal accessories, the Hidrive range includes rubber matting, shelving kits, mesh dividers, roof shelves, drawer units, fold down vice kits, load restraint track kits, fire extinguishers, and parts storage bins.

Hidrive has a qualified and experienced automotive electrical installations team giving you assurance that your electrical system has been designed and connected to a high standard. The Hidrive electrical accessories suite includes a huge range.

There are far more advantages to choosing Hidrive

We’ve only listed 5 ways that Hidrive can improve your business. We have a lot more to offer than what is in this article. It’s worth getting in contact with Hidrive, speak with our team firsthand and see what a fleet of Hidrives can do to improve your business in 2020.