A fit-for-purpose solution for ACT Transport.

June 21, 2021

Service Bodies For Utes, Trailers & Trucks

We were recently approached by our client, ACT Government, Transport and City Services (ACTION Buses) to provide a solution for their Light Truck fleet. They needed emergency breakdown vehicles to support public transport buses in the ACT metro area.

“It’s great to see how quickly and easily the project came together, resulting in a fantastic, completed fit for purpose vehicle delivered to our customer” says Doug Elford, National Sales Manager for Hidrive.
“Being a part of a team like ours means that we are able to draw on a diverse range of skills and experience – everyone has come from a different background. That’s what makes it such a seamless and rapid process to come up with a result that ticks all the boxes for our customers.”

Hidrive’s design and engineering team worked to provide the perfect fit-for-purpose specification, catering for each individual requirement of the vehicle whilst it would be out on call.  The result ensured an efficient workflow, as well as safe and secure mobile workspaces for their technicians.

“The needs of our customers and their on-site activities are always at the forefront of our minds. We need to ensure that we understand their needs, so that every requirement is met. For ACT Transport, it meant having the tailgate lifter and tire storage compartment for spare bus tires, LED safety and work lights to ensure safety compliance for when it is on call in low light situations.”

Vehicle Type: Isuzu NPR 65-150 2WD Truck
Service Body: 2 door Tool Canopy, with front ledge

Key features:

– Hydraulic tailgate lifter and tyre holder to ensure safe work practices when lifting and moving spare bus tires. This lifter has a 1000kg capacity and can hold tyres that are up to 1050mm diameter.
– Wheel stowage frame in centre aisle
– 2 x Pump units and 100L tanks fitted to the rear tray section to store Diesel and Coolant
– LED Arrow boards, flashing lights and work lights to ensure high visibility for working in low light situations with provisions to alert traffic of changing conditions as well.
– Diesel air compressor located on front ledge section
– Lockable bund tray on front ledge section that can accommodate up to 6x20L oil drums
– Dual battery to supply additional power to other electrical accessories, such as the Redarc inverter and fridge.
– 12/24 Volt Jump Start System

Watch our demonstration video of this vehicle here.

So now it is your turn – What does your mobile workforce need to remain safe and efficient whilst moving your business ahead?
We are just one call away from helping your fleet put your business in front.

Stella Elford, Marketing and Communications, June 2021