Engel fridge or freezer, range available

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12 Month Warranty

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Engel fridge or freezer, range available

Proven Engel technology with Sawafuji swing motor.

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Features & Benefits

  • Engel portable fridge/freezer range is made up of two options, fridge or freezer option means the internal compartment is all fridge or freezer function, not a combination of both. Fridge/Freezer Combi means the internal compartment can be divided with a section as Fridge and a section as Freezer
  • Compatible with Hidrive internal fit-out Accessories - One-Click medium duty
  • Slide, Fridge Restraint Kit and Fridge Protection Barrier
  • 3 stage battery protection, provides reliable cooling and be switch between 12v DC, 24v DC and 240v AC outlets
  • Freezer minimum temperature of around -18 degrees celsius
  • Steel body, lid and handles, large stainless steel latch for superior sealing- Handles ideal for securing/tie down of fridge to Hidrive Fridge Restraint Tray


Compatibility Ute, Truck, Trailer
Warranty 12 Month manufacturers warranty

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