One-Click Vehicle Drawer

Accessories / Internal-storage

12 Month Warranty

Accessories / Internal storage

One-Click Vehicle Drawer

Compatible with Hidrive One-Click shelving and parts cabinet options. The drawers feature our One-Click single hand operation latch, a 20kg safe workload and are powder coated to ensure long-term durability.

Tier Width Length Height
1 1 460mm 475mm 135mm
2 1 690mm 475mm 180mm
3 1 920mm 475mm 180mm
4 1 460mm 475mm 270mm
5 1 460mm 810mm 270mm
6 2 460mm 475mm 270mm
7 2 690mm 475mm 270mm
8 2 460mm 810mm 270mm
9 2 460mm 475mm 315mm
10 4 460mm 475mm 495mm
11 4 690mm 475mm 495mm
12 4 920mm 475mm 495mm
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Features & Benefits

  • Hidrive's market leading vehicle drawer
  • One-Click single hand operation latch designed to maximise efficiency - lift the locking bar and pull to open drawer and simply push the drawer to close, slam latch will lock drawer in closed position
  • Large internal drawer usable space with safe working load (SWL) load rating of 20kg evenly distributed per drawer
  • Powder-coated finished to ensure long-term durability
  • Configurable/uniform range of sizes allows for organised drawer combinations - side location holes for easy stacking
  • Compatible with all Hidrive internal fit-out options including shelving kits allowing for configurable workspace
  • Maximum drawer extension providing full unhindered access to internal drawer space and your equipment


Compatibility Ute, Trailer, Truck
Warranty 12 Months

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