Top Pan, Compatible with OneClick Drawer and Cabinet Units

Accessories / Internal-storage

12 Month Warranty

Accessories / Internal storage

Top Pan, Compatible with OneClick Drawer and Cabinet Units

Modular top pan that fits snugly onto Hidrive One-Click drawers providing an extra shelf for tools and items you want kept in easy reach.

Made of sturdy powder coated steel with 40mm rims so items don’t slide off during transit. Our top pans are designed to be attached onto a shelf or easily removed when required, such as when you need to carry small components onto a job site or need a mobile work surface.

Available in a range of sizes. Ask about anti-slip rubber mats – cut to suit.

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Features & Benefits

  • Transform any drawer top into a useful shelf and maximise the functionality of your service body
  • 40mm lip on edges prevents items sliding off
  • Made of strong and sturdy powder coated steel
  • An economical extra shelf that gives you easy access to frequently used items
  • Offers the flexibility of an interchangeable fixed shelf and a removable work surface - your choice!


Compatibility Ute, Trailer, Truck
Warranty 12 Months

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