Business or Fleet: Hidrive Locations to Buy Ute Canopies and Service Bodies

November 10, 2016

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Hidrive has a range of convenient locations to organise the manufacture and installation of your ute service body and ute canopies.

We have outlets in some of the main metropolitan areas of Australia. See the full list below to find out where to buy ute canopies and service bodies:

Adelaide, SA

1300 368 161

If you’re looking for ute canopies in Adelaide, the team at Keilor Park can help you out. Located just northwest of Melbourne, Hidrive can design and install a service body for your vehicle or fleet.

Brisbane, QLD

1300 368 161

146 Crockford St, Northgate QLD 4013

Strategically located in the Brisbane suburb of Northgate, nearby to the M1 and M7 with convenient access to the Fisherman Island vehicle logistics hubs. The Brisbane location is a fully-fledged sales, installation and support facility.

Canberra, ACT

1300 368 161

Our Goulburn plant services the ACT and Canberra region when it comes to high quality ute service bodies and canopies. The team at Hidrive will liaise with you to ensure the best possible fit-out for your business.

Goulburn, NSW

1300 368 161

17 O’Sullivan Place, Goulburn NSW 2580

Our manufacturing is located in Goulburn; this 20,000M² site accommodates our manufacturing operations facility. The design and product development team are also at the Goulburn site, ensuring we remain at the forefront with innovative products that will meet the needs of our clients into the future.

Hobart, TAS

1300 368 161

For ute canopies in Hobart, the team from Keilor Park will work with you. Located close to Melbourne, our team are available to help you get fitted with the best possible ute canopy or service body for your vehicle or fleet.

Melbourne, Vic

1300 368 161

11 Quinn Drive, Keilor Park Vic 3042

For ute canopies in Melbourne, visit our conveniently located Keilor Park outlet in Melbourne’s north west. Easily accessible from the M80 ring road, our office houses a showroom, plus full installations workshop facility and team for ute service body installation in Melbourne.

Sydney, NSW

1300 368 161

10 Garner Place, Ingleburn NSW 2565

Our Sydney outlet is located near the M5 and M7 interchange, making it handy for the Port Kembla and Minto vehicle logistics hubs. Our Ingleburn office is a fully-fledged facility, making it convenient for service body installations.