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Intura Field Service Technician Fleet

Intura Field Service Technician Fleet - Hidrive Case Study
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Fit-for-future electrical, instrumentation and mechanical compliance for the energy and resource sectors
8 Malduf St, Chinchilla, QLD 4413
Company Size
Over 300 employees

The Client

Intura delivers ‘fit-for-future’ solutions for electrical, instrumentation, mechanical and compliance across the energy and resource sector.

Needs Analysis

Intura purchased a fleet of utes for a contract won for electrical and instrumentation work in the Coal Seam Gas Industry in the Western Downs Region of Queensland, around Dalby and Chinchilla.

Intura needed a quality, reliable fleet of ute service bodies that could withstand rough treatment and keep their tools and equipment organised and secure.

Prevention of damage to valuable tools while on the road, and secure when vehicles are unattended, was a must, as was the accessible storage of many types of small components.

As many of their jobs are in remote locations, Intura’s team of Field Service Technicians need to carry all tools and equipment with them to complete jobs in one field call.

Other considerations for Intura were:

  • As Technicians carry large torque wrenches, Intura invested in custom foam inserts for the Rear Roller Drawers (with lockable lid) to assist with transport. [Editor’s note: The big black case you see in the video being pulled out of the service body that looks a bit like a gun scabbard, is actually a wrench case, showing just how large they are!].
  • Working across multiple industries meant flexibility in layout and configuration of the internals, and the ability to modify the configuration in the future, was required.
  • It was important that vehicles were efficient and looked great, helping to build their reputation as a world-class service provider to large national and multinational corporations.
  • Timing was important so vehicles were ready for the start of a major contract.
  • Keeping staff happy, especially tradespeople such as electricians in a competitive market, was also important — having an impressive, highly functional fleet of vehicles for the team would help Intura attract and retain the best staff.

“The full canopy design gives us a lot of flexibility with security. Quite often these vehicles will be kept overnight in remote places or even in town. It gives us a lot of security for expensive tooling that we can lock up with the central locking. Everything is out of the dust, out of the rain and safe overnight. We can move drawers, shelves and dividers around without drilling holes, so we’ve got flexibility too.”

– Shane Balle –Field Operations Manager, Intura



After listening to and understanding all Intura’s priorities for the years ahead, Hidrive recommended full canopy utes with internal and rear roller drawers, shelves and small parts storage. This meant the use of space was maximised while ensuring every tool, nut and bolt had a designated place.

Many of Intura’s clients require ISO 9001 compliance. Intura and Hidrive are therefore a natural fit as both organisations are ISO 9001 compliant and have strong quality-focused cultures. Simple examples of this focus are that the service body came complete with a nationally compliant GVM upgrade, pinch point warning stickers and drawer load rating labels.

“Hidrive was on my shortlist from day one, because in a previous life I’ve seen how well they last. We went through an initial phase of figuring out the items we’d like in the canopies. The salesperson we used was very helpful, showed us all the different options and gave suggestions for things they thought might be suitable, which was really valuable. It transitioned smoothly into the production phase where we could track what was happening, which was excellent.”

Shane Balle – Field Operations Manager, Intura

“One of the reasons we went with Hidrive was just the ease of everything being at the one place. So, it was more of a one-stop-shop for us, which made it so much easier than having to go back and forth from a lot of other businesses. As a Fleet Manager that hasn’t really dealt with the delivery of fleet of this size before, knowing that I was dealing with a company with decades of experience really gave me peace of mind.”

Kacee Lucht – Fleet Manager, Intura


Delivering on time, with certainty.

Through clear and honest communication with Intura, and careful planning, design, and manufacturing, Hidrive delivered a fit-for-purpose mobile workspace solution for their specific needs, on time and with certainty.

“So, one thing we really appreciated getting the delivery of the vehicles from Hidrive was that they literally came ready to go to roll out into the field. The Hidrive delivery times for the vehicles were exceptional. There was always communication no matter what. We always knew that the vehicles were going to be on time, and if there were any delays, we were always made aware.”

Kacee Lucht – Fleet Manager, Intura

“They fit more gear in them. You’ve got the racks on top, you’ve got the space in the middle that you would normally have in your normal ute, but everything’s dry, clean, no dust. All in all, it’s a really good little setup. Yeah, we’re all pretty happy to have them, to be honest with you.”

Russell Carpenter – Electrical and Instrumentation Technician, Intura

“My impression from dealing with Hidrive through this process has been excellent. All the information that I’ve needed throughout the build process has been readily available. We’ve been sent emails with a live schedule, tracking the completion dates for these vehicles, which has given us security to know that we’ll be able to have them before the kick-off date of the contract.

It’s good to know that Hidrive will be able to assist with service bodies for trucks and trailers as well in the future. A priority for us when we’re ordering equipment is to either buy local or buy Australian made. So Hidrive being Australian made, it’s an easy choice to go with Hidrive. The quality of the build is reflected as soon as you open it up and have a look, and you’ve got that security of knowing that any of the parts that you need in the future are going to be easily accessible.”

Shane Balle –Field Operations Manager, Intura

The Result

Another happy client.

A final word from Intura:

“Definitely, definitely go with Hidrive. Their business overall is absolutely amazing, and you won’t regret it.”

Casey Lucht – Fleet Manager, Intura


Another commitment honoured, to deliver fit-for-purpose workspace solutions on time, with certainty to Intura.

When you need to make certain anywhere, anytime, contact Hidrive.

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