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Modinex Ute Fleet

Modinex ute with Hidrive canopy, drone shot.
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Manufacturers of Bespoke Architectural Timber Solutions
Ipswich, Queensland
Company Size

"Modinex trusted Hidrive to design and manufacture a fleet of premium, fit-for-purpose ute service bodies for the sales team."
Leroy Parker, Sales Director, Modinex

The Client

Established more than 40 years ago, Modinex embraces a family spirit and sense of community. In collaboration with architects and designers, Modinex crafts architectural timber solutions for the world’s most beautiful spaces while protecting and regenerating the forests that support their premium products.

“We chose Hidrive because we’re a premium Australian-made brand in our market – just like Hidrive. People see our utes before they see our samples and our staff, so our fleet has to look the part, inside and out.”
— Leroy Parker, Sales Director, Modinex

Needs Analysis

Modinex is an Australian manufacturer of bespoke timber claddings and linings for the construction industry. Builders don’t always have time to come into a showroom – so Modinex go to them.

Consultations between our Mobile Workspace Specialist team and Modinex identified the three most important outcomes they wanted for their specialised build:

  1. The best fleet of ‘mobile showrooms’ money could buy. It needed to be durable, fit-for-purpose and visually impactful with their distinctive branding giving a great first impression to every customer.
  2. A fleet that enabled their sales team to visit clients onsite, anywhere, and take their full sample range with them. The team travel vast distances, contending with dirt roads, tropical weather systems and salty air, so being rust and vibration proof, and having effective seals to keep dust and water out of the canopies, were all essential.
  3. The fitout and functionality inside the canopies also really mattered. Staff often have their hands full, so single-handed, one-person operation of doors and fixtures was essential, as was tailored shelving to display their wide range of products while ensuring it didn’t move around during transit.

Leroy Parker walking away from Hidrive service body


Modinex invested in a fleet of nine vehicles with Hidrives on them, with another two on order. They ordered the utes from a dealer and liaised directly with Hidrive Mobile Workspace Specialists to spec up what they wanted inside the canopy.

Being able to finance both the utes and the service bodies together as one asset was a compelling advantage that contributed to their decision to partner with Hidrive.

We offered a one-stop-shop solution which saved them time and reduced hassle because we took care of everything in-house. This included our FleetBrand service which meant we were able to design and install their corporate branding onto their fleet during the fitout phase and get their team out on the road sooner.

There were so many options. We were able to come up with our own unique combination of drawers, the right shelves, central locking, the lighting, the FleetBrand signage on the vehicles. All done as a one-stop-shop. It’s also handy to have one point of contact (at Hidrive) for the entire service body build.
— Leroy Parker, Sales Director, Modinex

Delivering on time, with certainty.


We changed our branding and it was simple. Hidrive had our measurements ready to go and printed the new signage in advance without having to come and re-measure them.

Old branding off, new branding on, in the same day – which meant we minimised the number of days our fleet was unavailable to the team!

The Result

  • After extensive travel in remote regions with the new fleet, the team says the seals on the service bodies have kept red dirt and rain out – ensuring product samples stay clean and are always ready to present to clients.
  • Modinex staff no longer need to waste time cleaning dust and muck from inside the canopies (as they did before they bought Hidrives) saving them time and stress when travelling.
  • Their fleet of Hidrives have already proven their mettle on some of Australia’s most rugged terrain.
  • Modinex says their functional and stylish fleet helps them attract and retain quality staff, impress customers and reduce manual handling risks for their workforce.


Modinex ute with Hidrive canopy, drone shot.

There are lots of things that led us to choose Hidrive. The first reason is the same reason our clients choose Modinex – a well-earned reputation.

— Leroy Parker, Sales Director, Modinex


Another thing that attracted us was the style of the service body, the curved sides. It’s not just a straight-angled box that any student could knock up. It’s also not the cheap chequer plate or basic black bodies you get from overseas. We wanted something better than what apprentices are buying for their utes.

When a bunch of people you respect say that if you don’t want headaches go with Hidrive, it’s pretty hard to choose anything else.
— Leroy Parker, Sales Director, Modinex

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