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Melbourne, Australia
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29,000 employees

The Client

Vestas design, manufacture, install, and service wind turbines across the globe.

When it came time to consider a trailer for servicing wind turbines, Hidrive was an obvious first choice.

Nine years ago, Hidrive fitted our utes with service bodies, and they’re perfect, so when we needed a trailer six years ago, it was a no-brainer to design it with Hidrive. There all going strong. We’re about to replace our Hiluxes and we’ll take the service bodies off and put them on the next fleet of vehicles.

Brad, Vestas Service Technician


Needs Analysis

Vestas were quite sophisticated in their understanding of their requirement for mobile repairs and maintenance of wind turbines.

Using a trailer meant that technicians could leave it onsite.

“We chose this combination of utes and trailers (instead of a truck) for flexibility. During the day one team can be left with a trailer at one turbine, then another team can work out of the service body on the ute at a second turbine. Then of an afternoon, the trailer gets left on site for other technicians to use overnight.”, said Brad



After listening and understanding all of the issues, a tailered Hidrive trailer was specified for the team to carry fibreglass and tooling for mobile repairs and maintenance of the wind turbines.

We went back and forth to the engineers with Hidrive in Goulburn.

The design crew and staff were on board with us the whole time they gave us a little bit of intel on what would work a little bit better.

Delivering on time, with certainty.

Vestas now have a ute and trailer combination and could not be happier.

“The regular Hidrive trailer is great because we can move the shelving. It’s just a modular system – the shelves, the drawers, our underbody shelving units, the door works great.

“The aluminum service body is a great material to use because it’s lighter, doesn’t rust.

“We can put more gear in it, and we can keep our weight under the payload.”, said Brad.

The Result

Another happy client. Just some of the reasons:

“Their modular system is a massive reason to go with Hidrive. All the different drawers and sliders, plus all the shelves and dividers – it all just fits and lasts. It’s taking a beating. Can’t see why we wouldn’t get over a decade out of this fit-out.”

Flexibility is key.

“The modular system meant that we could remove or shift stuff over the years without leaving holes everywhere.”

“Being made right here in Australia not only keeps jobs here, but also provides a high level of certainty, from parts to delivery times.”

“We like that they make all the drawers, shelves and slides from scratch for you in Goulburn. They’re not some shop selling stuff from overseas that they have no control over. So you know that if you want to tweak your set-up, like add a shelf, or add a slide out bench, you don’t need to throw out a whole set-up because some place overseas doesn’t offer that same size anymore.”

Turnaround time and knowing that they are will be delivered is always highly valued.

“Back when we ordered our trailer we were in a bit of a rush. So finding a Aussie supplier with the most Aussie-made content was important, so we could get what we wanted in time. When working at other companies I’ve dealt with suppliers that source service body components from overseas. All it takes is one supplier to let ‘em down and your ute, trailer or truck gets delayed for weeks. Plus with Asian made service body fit-outs, in my experience it hasn’t lasted and when things break, often they carry no spares – so it’s an expensive fix and good luck getting support.” Said Brad.

Risk Management and Convenience.

“Hidrive hit our delivery date and saved us heaps of time and headaches. They handled the complete fit-out and the dealer and freight companies for us too.”


And a final word from Vestas:

“For anyone looking for a service body, I’d highly recommend Hidrive.”
Brad, Vestas Service Technician


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