Goulburn District Cricket Association (Gdca)

Service Bodies For Utes, Trailers & Trucks

As a part of our 2022 community support program, we supported the GDCA by donating event signage for the MG Cup Final that was held early 2022. Teams and players come from Goulburn, Crookwell, Tarago & Marulan and surrounding areas as a part of the GDCA. We were pleased to support this association and support […]

Convoy For Kids

Convoy For Kids

An unrivaled suite of modular internal accessories, including rubber matting, shelving kits, mesh dividers, roof shelves, drawer units, fold down vice kits, load restraint track kits, fire extinguishers, parts storage bins… and more more!

Mcgrath Foundation – Pink Stumps Day

McGrath Foundation - Pink Stumps

This year, Hidrive held our own Pink Stumps Day at all locations: Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Goulburn. With a pizza lunch and a game of cricket in the afternoon, it was a good way to bring the team together and have a bit of fun, all in support of a great cause! The McGrath […]

Rapid Relief Team

Rapid Relief Team - Hidrive Community Initiative

Hidrive active sponsor and supporter of the Rapid Relief Team in their tireless work supporting youth charities, emergency services, homeless missions and health and disability charities across Australia. Go to WWW.RAPIDRELIEFTEAM.ORG to see what this great charity does supporting those less fortunate, or who have been impacted by flood, fire or famine in our communities.

Cancer Council Australia

Service Bodies For Utes, Trailers & Trucks

Hidrive is a regular participator in the Cancer Council Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser. It becomes quite a feast here at Hidrive with a lunch provided along with other sweet treats for all the team. Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea is an excellent method to fund research, prevention and support services for those affected by […]

Snowy Hydro Southcare

Snowy Hydro - Hidrive Community Initiative

Hidrive has previously been a corporate sponsor of the Snowy Hydro SouthCare Aero-Medical Rescue Helicopter Service. Snowy Hydro SouthCare acknowledges that it is the corporate and community support that makes the iconic lifesaving aero-medical rescue helicopter what it is today. It’s amazing just how many people in the communities that it supports, and the amount […]