Conquest Fleet Gets a Refresh

June 15, 2021

Conquest Equipment Technologies Hidrive Service Bodies - Case Study

Conquest Equipment’s cleaning unit made the switch to Hidrive custom designed service bodies when their cleaning business grew nationwide.

This case study highlights the background of Conquest and its ongoing experience with Hidrive service bodies.

The cleaning subsidiary of the 1973-founded Conquest Equipment Technologies was set up in 1985 to provide and service industrial cleaning equipment to industry. It has grown to provide national support to some of Australia’s largest industry in solving their floor cleaning issues. They provide a range of industrial power sweepers, commercial power scrubbers and outdoor floor cleaning solutions with nationwide service and support.

Today, still owned by the same founding Victoria-based family, Conquest is known as a provider of machinery to solve customers’ cleaning challenges across Australia and New Zealand. Their recently released Zero Downtime Program (ZDP) is testament to the level of service that they promise their customers.

Its fleet (currently includes five Hidrive service bodies) is based in four eastern state capital cities Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Technicians drive some 50,000 kilometres a year — a mix of metro and regional areas — to deliver and maintain equipment. The technicians need to access a range of tools when they arrive at customer sites.

“Conquest has always had a strong focus on after-sales service and has had year-on-year growth since it was founded,“ said Tim Wakefield, National Service Team Leader at Conquest, adding, “The Hidrive service bodies have allowed us to present ourselves as a professional provider of service and support to the equipment we supply.

“Most of the technicians that use them find them great, keeping their tools and parts dust and water free. The Hidrive body sits higher which assists the operators to gain access to tools and equipment without having to crawl or bend over as they did in a van,“ said Tim. The gullwing, lift-up doors on the Hidrive bodies also provide some rain and sun protection on site.

Prior to getting the custom-designed Hidrive service bodies, Conquest technicians were driving a variety of off the factory floor vans and utes of a few different makes. The Hidrive service bodies, with all their special-designed compartments make it easier and safer to access tools, improving efficiency, productivity and safety measures.

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