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Ute Service Body Brochure

Browse all Hidrive Ute service body configurations and features that will suit your fleet. Service body options include full canopy, part canopy and tool module service bodies. Real industry inspiration builds are included.
Your can view the Hidrive suite of Ute modular accessories – Everything you need to configure the ultimate mobile workspace for your fleet.

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Truck Service Bodies Brochure

View our full range of truck service body configurations and sizing; full canopy, part canopy, u-module and tool module service bodies. Real industry inspiration builds are included.
Our extensive modular accessory range for truck service bodies makes it easy to design the perfect mobile workspace for your fleet. Accessories include external accessories, internal accessories, hydraulic lifting, electrical and security options.

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Hidrive Corporate Profile

Our corporate profile underlies who we are, where we have come from, our capability statement and our company values
Included in this book is a message from our CEO and what our vision is for the road ahead.

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FleetBrand Vehicle Signage Brochure

Thinking of adding FleetBrand signage to your new fleet of Hidrive service bodies? We’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to vehicle signage and the different design and installation packages that we offer.
Included in this brochure is signage design inspiration, and the many variations that you can work with to help boost your brand when your service vehicles are out on the road!

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Government and Local Council Brochure

We’ve created this guide to Government and Local Council service body configuration from real industry examples from our existing clients.
Includes service body configurations to suit Animal Management municipal rangers, maintenance services, surveyors, pest control, parks and gardens maintenance, cleaners, electricians, and council trades trucks.

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