Five Safety Features for Your Ute Canopy or Service Body

February 11, 2017

Safety Features

These five unique Hidrive products will enhance the safety of your mobile workstation, protecting vehicle occupants from hazards and preventing the theft or damage of valuable equipment and tools of trade.

Safety product # 1. Door ajar alert

The door jar alert is a buzzer in the vehicle cab that alerts the driver when the door is left open or unlatched. This means no more doors knocked off because you are driving with the door left up.

Safety product # 2. Central locking

Central locking is linked to the vehicle system. The vehicle key fob locks and unlocks the Hidrive service body as well as vehicle itself, offering peace of mind that your vehicle and equipment are both secure.

Safety product # 3. Security alarm

The security alarm is linked to the service body, and will be triggered if any unauthorised persons attempt to enter or interfere with your vehicle. A guaranteed theft deterrent, ensuring that your possessions are secure.

Safety product # 4. Cargo/load net

The cargo/ load net is a load cover that is made to the size of the tray section of the Tool Canopy and part canopy service bodies. It keeps the load in your tray securely restrained, protecting the contents.

Safety product # 5. Bifold door

The bifold door is a side door that folds, and is generally used where vehicles are used for roadside work. It is effective as a safety device because it allows more clearance from the vehicle when there is traffic coming past.

These safety products are compatible with a wide range of makes, models and ute body styles, and are all available from Hidrive.