Fleet Management Organisations (FMO)
Hidrive is the leading brand in the lexis of fleet operators. We are serious about safe, reliable, and cost effective mobile workspace solutions. We have established mutual and effective affiliation with leading FMO’s by meeting and exceeding designated outcomes with realistic, economical solutions.
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What is FleetAssist
FleetAssist keeps you in control of your new fleet, and allows you to manage your next fleet rollout the FleetAssist way with: one point of contact for all fleet information; current information on the status of your fleet project; an easy to use login to see your fleet status; and live transparent information on location and status of vehicles.
Safety, Compliance & Function
Our vision is to uplift the safety and economies of vehicle fleet operations, and your mobile workforce. Your business operates in an environment where the stakes on safety, efficiency, and cost constraints are high. With Hidrive you get the assurance of an engineered solution, and vehicles that meet regulatory compliance.
Fleet Support
Get national support where you need it, and when you need it, by our experienced service team. Hidrive has an unsurpassed national service network to ensure that your fleet is where you need it – on the road
FleetAssist Brochure
FleetAssist is a transparent and easy to use fleet management system. Find out more about what it can do for your business.