didn Hidrive FleetAssist - providing exceptional customer service
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Fleet project management in the cloud.

Hidrive FleetAssist – providing exceptional customer service. FleetAssist is an internal department of Hidrive, dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to our clients throughout the journey of their fleet roll-out.  This is achieved through the use of our FleetAssist online platform, which is a transparent and easy-to-use portal for all stakeholders involved.

Through the manufacturing, installation and delivery processes, the FleetAssist team is able to provide coordination between all stakeholders with progress tracking and visibility.
This cloud-based project management system is fully integrated into our Manufacturing Operations ERP system and provides:

  • One point of contact on the status of all vehicles in your fleet roll-out
  • Accurate information on the status of your fleet project, using real-time information that is fed directly from our production system.
  • Live and transparent information on the location of all vehicles, current stage of production and projected delivery times
  • Weekly status report links that are sent out to and are viewable by all required stakeholder
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