Frequently Asked Questions About Aluminium Ute Canopies

April 3, 2017

Aluminoum Ute Canopies

What is an Aluminium Ute Canopy?

An aluminium ute canopy is usually a 2 or 3 door covered body for a ute tray or cab chassis vehicle. These can be tray mounted bodies (bolted or hooked down to a tray) or an integrated body (tray and body as one unit). While both have benefits, the integrated body is stronger and lighter, maximising the payload of the vehicle. They are also known as a “service body”.


How do they differ to other ute canopies?

Aluminium ute canopies differ in a variety of ways, and the Hidrive construction method and internal door hinges are unique. The co-bonded aluminium structure assures the lightest possible weight, with reliability and durability. Additionally, the hinges offer a ‘door open seal’ and positive sealing against dust and water ingress.

Other differences include the 2K automotive paint finish, which is matched precisely to the same colour as the vehicle. The integrated accessory fixing track allows for easy installation and versatility of internal and external accessories.


What types of aluminium canopy are available?

Hidrive offers a variety of canopy types, including:

Full canopy – 2 or 3 door service bodies offering secure and accessible storage for your tools of trade.
Part canopy – 2 door service body with rear tray space, and various sizes available.
Tool Canopy – 2 door service body with centre aisle and rear tray section in a variety of configurations.
Tailor made to your fleet requirements – speak to our team and see how flexible our system is.


What sizes of aluminium canopy are available?

Hidrive offers a full range of sizes, to suit: single cab Ford Ranger, super cab Ford Ranger, double cab Ford Ranger 4×2 XL Low Rider or 4×2 Hi Rider XL, 4×4 XL cab chassis, 4×4 XLS, 4X4 XLT, single cab Isuzu DMax, space cab Isuzu DMax, crew cab Isuzu DMax, single cab Toyota Hilux, extra cab Toyota Hilux, dual cab Toyota Hilux, 4×2 Workmate or 4×4 Workmate, 4×4 SR, 4×4 SR5, single cab Toyota Landcruiser or dual Cab landcruiser, workmate, GX or GXL, vehicles, extra, space, super, club or king cab vehicles or double, dual or crew cab vehicles etc


What should I look for in an aluminium canopy?

When looking to purchase an aluminium ute canopy you need a reliable product that is good value, while also coming with the peace of mind of a warranty. Think about the conditions your fleet is working in, and look at the construction methods. Are you working metro or country? Construction or mining etc?

Other things to think about are what the resale value will be like, and whether or not it is Australian owned and made. Are you dealing with a reputable business that has a proven track record? Reputable dealers will offer a generous warranty period and comprehensive after sales back up and service.

Where to find more information:

For further information contact Hidrive on 1300 325 845, or fill up form on Contact Us Page.