Hidrive IMR Series Municipal Ranger Animal Management Vehicles

November 24, 2015

Municipal Build

At Hidrive, we pride ourselves on providing reliable fit-for-purpose service body canopies that are engineered to deliver superior safety and functionality for a vast array of trades, services and occupations. Amongst our extensive range is the IMR Series. This segment of the Hidrive service body range is specifically produced for municipal rangers, and configured for companion animal management vehicles.

The Hidrive municipal ranger service body combines innovative and practical configuration, making the day-to-day operations of rangers and local law officers safer and easier. Furthermore, the specially designed service body ensures that animals are kept in a harm-free and secure environment.

The IMR Series Hidrive service body is a quantum leap forward for both businesses and employees, and has quickly become the first choice for Councils or animal welfare organisations looking to deploy their workforce in vehicles that provide more effective and efficient operation in the field.

If your business is ready to experience the Hidrive difference, contact us for more information or to arrange a demo visit from a Hidrive representative.