Restraining Your Load : Frequently Asked Questions

September 29, 2015


What are load restraint tracks?

Hidrive 3041 Series load restraint tracks are specifically designed to provide a compact and reliable load restraint system. This is a versatile system that can be used inside the service body of your vehicles or in an external tray application.

Why are they important?

Load restraint tracks make load restraint easy, and you have the assurance that staff can safely and adequately secure valuable equipment within the service body.

What are the benefits?

Safety, convenience and security are the three major benefits of load restraint tracks. The anchor points require no tools, and are quickly and easily adjusted to any position along the track – and just as easily removed. With a compact, low profile design Hidrive 3041 Series restraint tracks have a 500kg load rating, ensuring that items are adequately secured at all times. Ratchet or Camlok straps attach easily, and additional anchor points can be purchased separately if needed.