Hidrive Service Bodies – which white is your white?

August 23, 2019

Hidrive Service Bodies - which white is your white

Hidrive Service Bodies – which white is your white? Purchasing the right vehicle for your fleet is an important decision. There are many different makes, models, accessories and variants. All varied for different specifications incluing driveline, fuel efficiency, payload capacity,and safety features. Not to mention the many unique selling propositions (USPs), each vehicle has.

One thing that most fleet vehicles have in common, is that they usually have white paint, unless there is a compelling reason for the fleet to select coloured vehicles. They are almost unanimously white. Is it possible to have a unique fleet when most fleet vehicles are white you might ask? The answer is yes!

There are many different types of white paint and this article will list the most popular brands of vehicle and their names for white paint (all of which are subtly different). See below the major ute brands and their varieties of white paint/s:

Ford Ranger – Arctic White.
Toyota Hilux – Glacier White                                  Paint Code 040
Toyota Landcruiser – Glacier White                      Paint Code 058
Isuzu D-MAX – Splash White                                 Paint Code 527
Holden Colorado – Summit White                        Paint Code 8624
Nissan Navara – Polar White                                  Paint Code QM1
Mazda BT50 – Cool White                                       Paint Code A2W
Mitsubishi Triton – White                                       Paint Code CSW32

Hidrive Service Bodies are manufactured using colour coded 2K automotive finishes, matching the paint to the vehicle in white or OEM metallic, with the assurance of easy maintenance and long-lasting durability. Hidrive excel at matching these subtly different white variations to ensure the service body your fleet receives is consistent to your vehicles. Many companies use a generic white powder coated product.

If you are after high quality paint matching, no matter the white variation or colour.

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