Keeping you in front with the latest 2017 Ute models

January 31, 2017

Vehicle collage 1

It has been an exciting and busy time in the Australian light commercial vehicle market, with many manufacturers rolling out new model utes and update variants of existing models.

One thing is for certain… as our iconic ute brands here in Australia evolve, we are getting smarter, safer, and more efficient vehicles with enhanced driver comfort and safety levels

Here at Hidrive our design engineers are always working ahead of time on design elements that seamlessly integrate with the new models from various ute manufacturers. This enables uninterrupted deliveries of the latest 2017 models to our clients across the country.

Hidrive Service Bodies are available for the following 2017 vehicles;

2017 Toyota Landcruiser

  • Landcruiser Double Cab
  • Landcruiser Single cab

2017 Toyota Hilux

  • Hilux Double Cab
  • Hilux Extra Cab
  • Hilux Single Cab

2017 Ford Ranger

  • Ranger Double Cab
  • Ranger Super Cab
  • Ranger Single Cab

2017 Nissan Navara

  • Navara Dual Cab
  • Navara King Cab
  • Navara Single Cab

2017 Mitsubishi Triton

  • Triton Double Cab
  • Triton Club Cab
  • Triton Single Cab

2017 Mazda BT50

  • BT50 Dual Cab
  • BT50 Freestyle Cab
  • BT50 Single Cab

2017 Isuzu DMax

  • DMax Crew Cab
  • DMax Space Cab
  • DMax Single Cab

2017 Holden Colorado

  • Colorado Crew Cab
  • Colorado Space Cab
  • Colorado Single Cab

2017 Volkswagen Amarok

  • Amarok Dual Cab
  • Amarok Single Cab