The Hidrive Multifit Chassis System

November 30, 2015


Hidrive’s Engineered Modular ‘Multifit’ Chassis Mount System, enables easy transfer of the Hidrive Service Body from an existing to a new vehicle.

Equip your workforce with a safe mobile workspace engineered with Hidrive’s Australian manufacturing excellence for minimum weight, and maximum reliability and payload. The platform of our success lies within our proprietary modular design, which delivers superb versatility and configurability. The Hidrive Modular ‘Multifit’ Chassis Mount System is a prime example of this.

Hidrive’s modular ‘Multifit’ Chassis Mount System is engineered to allow you to easily transfer the service body canopy from an existing to new vehicle.   The transfer to a new vehicle typically requires an installation kit that suits the new model/variant.

Hidrive Service Bodies deliver a quantum leap forward, and all-round access to tools of trade and protection against the elements. The ability to transfer the body if necessary is an example of our commitment to provide economical and effective solutions that accelerate the success of you and your business.

When transferring the Hidrive Modular ‘Multifit’ Chassis Mount System onto a new vehicle, it is important to note:

The two vehicles must be the same variants IE. Dual cab to Dual cab
Transfer to a different make (IE: Hilux dual cab to Ford Ranger dual cab) may require additional changes.
The new vehicle must have the same paint code as existing vehicle.

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