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Service Bodies Built Tough For Trade

Service bodies and canopies come with a range of space saving and security benefits that will allow your fleet to operate more efficiently when out on site.   Building on our robust Australian-made modular system, our experienced designers and engineering teams ensure that your vehicle and mobile workspace configuration is functional, fit-for-purpose and compliant. A quality aluminum service body/canopy – with its generous carrying capacity – allows you to work smarter.

Protect Your Equipment from Damage and Theft:

Our service bodies offer peace of mind that your vehicle contents will be safe from theft, with a single rotating lock handle and stainless steel striking rods, internal door hinges and locking system that can be integrated with the central locking of the vehicle. The positive sealing system of the service body ensures that your equipment is protected from dust and water/rain ingress. The open door seals create a gutter to channel water away, keeping your workspace dry in wet weather when the door is open.  We’ve designed our service body range to withstand harsh conditions.

Maximise the Payload of your Fleet:

We have engineered our service bodies so that the payload of every vehicle, whether it be a ute or a light truck, is at its maximum. Hidrive service bodies are integrated with the chassis of the vehicle and are manufactured from engineered aluminium fuselage with polymer co-bonded panels. This means that there is no additional weight of a vehicle tray, and the aluminium construction achieves the lightest possible service body weight, with unrivalled strength, reliability, and durability.

Service Bodies for all Industries:

We work with many industries right across Australia; for fleet, trade and mining. Our years of experience results in service body fit outs with intelligent design. Engineered for safety, they will go the distance in the city or the outback. Browse and filter a variety of real life inspirational Hidrive service body configurations by your industry or vehicle type in our inpsiration gallery.

Delivering Certainty:

We understand the importance of planning and achieving a cost effective fleet that will deliver results. This is also why we offer our on-time guarantee, to comply with the importance of working within time-bound restraints. We guarantee that your fleet is delivered on the timeline we promise, pending all vehicle requirements are met.

Tailored Solutions to Upgrade Vehicle:

Our service bodies are available to match the make, model and chassis of most utility vehicles (utes) and light commercial trucks. Customise your fleet with a options of Full Canopy, Part Canopy, Tool Module or U-module service bodies.  The fit out is your choice and can be configured exactly to you on-site requirements and workflow. Our extensive accessory range includes drawers, hooks, racks and shelving  that makes finding items easier, so you can be more organised and productive on the job. View All Accessories

Full Canopy Service Bodies

Full length canopy service bodies provide a safe mobile workspace. They deliver year-round access to your tools of trade, regardless of the weather. The fully-enclosed three door service body is secure, and sealed against the elements.

Part Canopy Service Bodies

Part canopy service bodies offer the best of both worlds, with a combined ute canopy and rear tray. The rear tray is large enough to deliver bulky items. The enclosed canopy creates a clean dry space for tools of the trade in all weather.

Municipal Ranger Service Bodies

Municipal Ranger service bodies relate to animal management and control and facilitates safe transportation and management of animals. Practical and ergonomic design enables operators to easily achieve the daily challenges of the rangers’ role. This is the preferred set up according to industry professionals and is recognised as nationally compliant for the transport of companion animals.

U-Module Service Bodies

U-Module service bodies offer a hybrid of space in the centre aisle plus a separate enclosed section across the front, also the option of a rear tray section. Available for all truck builds – This service body is ideal for trades that require external storage space for those longer parts or items of plant to be stored in the centre aisle of their truck.

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