On-Site Service Solution for Forklift Scales Pty Ltd

December 10, 2021

Service Bodies For Utes, Trailers & Trucks

We were recently approached by Forklift Scales Pty Ltd to design a truck service body for their remote installation and service vehicle to service their clients all around the Brisbane, QLD area. Fitted with a 2-door Part Canopy service body, this Hino 300 series light truck is the perfect mobile workspace with an extensive fit-out list that was tailored to the client’s on-site working requirements.

Hidrive’s design and engineering team worked to provide the perfect fit-for-purpose layout of the service body, ensuring that each designated work area was easy to access and provided an efficient workflow. Each section of the service body was designed as working areas and storage, providing technicians with the ultimate secure, accessible and mobile workspace for all mechanical installations and repairs.

Key features

The passenger side of the service body is set-up as the main work area, providing technicians with the perfect workspace for all mechanical repairs with the following features:

  • Storage for hand tools in stack of wide One-Click drawers
  • 24V Air Compressor + Air/Water Retracta Reel located at the front LHS within easy reach
  • 150mm engineers vice with fold down vice holder
  • 1500W Inverter provides 240V power for tool chargers or smaller 240V tools
  • Large 920mm Fold down workbench provides additional workspace which folds away neatly when not in use
  • Overhead roof shelf is perfect for large or job specific part/consumable storage

The offside is set up as the main storage area, featuring:

  • One-Click Shelving with a full kit of parts bins and mesh divider makes organised and visible storage easy
  • One-click parts cabinet with 5/ removable parts cases is the perfect storage solution for smaller components, and can be taken to the main work area as required.
  • 4x 460mm One-click vehicle drawers for additional storage
  • Large open space to the rear of the right hand side and above for operator kit or additional parts

The external of the service body includes

  • Underbody storage boxes on the passenger side provides the perfect storage place for ‘dirty’ items in the work area
  • Poly water tank with soap dispenser fitted to the rear kerbside means that the service truck interior is always kept clean
  • Commercial Roof Bars provide roof top storage for longer items

All this combined with the Hidrive Light, lock + go kit provides the ultimate secure, accessible mobile workspace.

Configuring the perfect workspace is easy with Hidrive. What does your business need to ensure that your mobile workforce remains safe and efficient?

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