One-Click Product Interview

November 17, 2020

Hidrive Service Body Accessories

After the recent launch, we sat down with Stan, Doug and Toby and talked about our new One-Click internal system.

What does the one-click range include? Why did we develop one-click? What are the benefits that our clients get?

Read the full interview transcript below:

Interviewer: What is the One-Click product range?

Stan Eagle: The One-Click product suite is precisely as the name indicates. It includes extensive assembly of modular interlocking shelving, drawers, parts cabinets and other internal storage components. It gives Hidrive customers choice in how they configure the internal fit out of their Hidrive Service Bodies, from a range of stock, interlocking modular components.

Interviewer: What is included? – What are the different products available?

Toby Dunlop: There are four core categories within the One-Click range. Drawers, shelving, roof shelves and dividers. These are complemented by a range of other accessories such as drawer dividers, parts bins, cable hooks etc that work with the core products to store job specific items.

Interviewer: What are main functional features of this range?

Toby Dunlop: The core features of the one-click range is its simplicity of use, its strength and the fact that it’s completely modular. All the shelves and drawers are designed within a set size so that you can mix and match between the different components of the One-Click range.

Interviewer: What are main benefits that users are going to experience with these products out in the field?

Stan Eagle: The main benefits of the One-Click system, is that it is:

Easy & Configurable:
– C
onfigure modular ex-stock interlocking components into an almost infinite combination of fit outs.
Easy to work from with the single handed latching of the drawer and parts cabinet.
Easier adjustment of shelves and compartments and the modular configurations means that both shelving, drawers and other compartments can be configured to suit your needs of trade.

Engineering design based on Hidrive’s tested & proven platform.
Strong, lightweight materials have been used, maximising a safe payload.
Assurance that your Hidrive one-click products will do the hard yards year in – year out.

SWL markings on all applicable components and compliance to relevant design rules and standards

Interviewer: What was the inspiration behind the development of the One-Click product? What demands are we responding to from the market?

Doug Elford: The inspiration behind the development of One-Click, was the response we provided  from the market. Every tradesperson working from a mobile workspace needs a clean, uncluttered workplace where everything has a place and is stored securely. However along with this they also need it to be easily accessible and functional.

After many years of the one post shelving, which has worked very well, we decided it was time to introduce a consistent product nationally, while expanding the offer to our clients with the ease of configuration and use.

The One-Click moniker was coined after the design of our first vehicle drawer. With its single-handed latching operation, its ‘One Click’ and its secure latch and. From this the One-Click range was born, we set out to design a complete range of drawers and shelves using the same core concept of ease of use for the tradesperson. Even the almost infinite ability to tailor the modular components has exceeded even our initial design brief and expectations!

Interviewer: What field of work/service was in mind when you were in the developmental stage of each product?

Doug Elford: This product has been developed with all user-types in mind. We often refer to it as your mobile workspace- so it’s anyone who works out of the back of a vehicle.  Because of its modular nature the One-Click range can be configured to accommodate the needs of every tradesperson. Hidrive’s engineering team approached the whole concept with a very broad design brief, the idea of designing a product that was suited to any specific trade or industry was never on our radar. We carefully analysed the needs of a broad spectrum of trades and services. We ensured that the result was versatile and could be tailored to suit almost any user, and met or exceeded their operational requirements.