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July 6, 2021

Two Hidrive Service Bodies for East Coast Generators

We delivered quality service bodies for ECG. Melbourne-based generator business East Coast Generators started from small beginnings in the early 1990s. Today, it remains a family-owned and operated business with 25 staff, dedicated to service and repair of generators of both their hired and customer-owned equipment.

Valued for their high level of customer care, the ECG service technicians are available to their customers 24/7/365. For almost 30 years, ECG has helped communities, organisations and individuals resolve their power supply problems through generator hire, sales and service, and has grown with its client base extending across Victoria, northern SA and southern NSW.

ECG generators range from 2kVA to 1500kVA. Employing the ability to parallel, ECG promises to resolve issues for even 10,000kVA within one working day.

With a strong focus on quality and reliability in their products and service and continual improvement in the business, ECG management turned their attention to improving their service fleet vehicles.

Traditionally, ECG technicians carried their spare parts and tools in toolboxes that were bolted straight onto ute trays. Jarrod Maher, General Manager of ECG realised that it was time to transition their vehicle fleet to service bodies that offered a safe, secure mobile workspace, and that boosted the quality of their service and market perception of their brand.

Jarrod said that he was impressed with Hidrive from his very first visit to the Hidrive facility in Melbourne, where he met with Tim Grace, who looks after Hidrive’s commercial sales in Victoria.

“We chose Hidrive due to the quality we could clearly see in the product,” said Jarrod, adding, “It’s lightweight but really solid and we could see the product had been refined over many years. We also felt confident in the number of Hidrive units that we had seen out on the roads.

“When we first visited the facility to first meet with Tim, we could easily see that Hidrive had a great product. The accessories to choose from were really well thought out and well manufactured.

“Being able to kit the bodies out with shelves and drawers specific to each technician’s application has been great. It means we can safely store all the critical spare parts along with all the necessary tools of trade, so we are best prepared when we turn up to a service, and in particular an emergency breakdown situation where time is critical.

“The fully enclosed bodies mean we can fit a lot more in and it’s never exposed to the elements. We also love the inverter systems with solar panels installed on the roof. The guys can keep their battery powered tools on constant charge when travelling around and also then have power available at the jobs without having to take portable petrol generator with them.”

Hidrive has supplied quality service bodies for three brand new Toyota Hilux utes for the ECG fleet. Tim explained how Hidrive liaised with Jarrod’s vehicle dealer — Melbourne City Toyota — to make it an easy process for ECG.

“We always work closely with the dealer network, and Jarrod just appreciated that seamlessness and the way we worked with them,” said Tim.

“Our own service fleet ensures that your power generation solution arrives at your site exactly when you require it,” ECG says on its website, adding, “Generators are supported by an extensive inventory of cable sets, distribution boards, extension leads, cable covers, junction boxes and transfer switches which will provide you with an ‘end to end’ solution.”

Knowing this, it’s no surprise to hear Jarrod say quality is the number one criterion for ECG supplies and assets, including its service fleet.

When we asked him, “What does the quality of the Hidrive product mean to you?” he answered: “Everything. Across all facets of our business, we only partner with companies who will move us forward and invest in value that delivers best fit-for-purpose equipment.”

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We pride ourselves with the level of quality and configurability of our product, providing businesses with the opportunity to expand their fleet and improve the efficiency of service processes whilst out on call, in the field or on the road just as we were able to do with Conquest.

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