Rise of Theft Makes Security of Tools and Equipment a Priority

September 12, 2016

4010001 - Security Alarm-RANGER

Police statistics show that incidents of tools being stolen from utes, vans and trailers are at an all-time high. Theft occurs not just on work sites but on residential streets as well, and is exceptionally costly in terms of lost tools and equipment and indirect losses such as delayed jobs interruption to business operations.

It’s extremely important to store tools& equipment securely when not in use. Hidrive ute  canopies and service bodies provide an economical and effective solution for safe and secure storage of  tools of trade and other valued equipment, Hidrive central locking and security systems are compatible with all light commercial vehicles, and are linked to the vehicle system for easy operation.

Why are Hidrive service bodies and canopies so secure?

  • The internal dual-action adjustable hinge provides optimum security, also ensuring that moving parts are protected from the weather.
  • They feature a heavy duty multi-rod locking system using high tensile rod locks and stainless steel lock registration plates
  • Central locking is available as an economically priced option. The Hidrive central locking system is linked to the vehicle locking system, and is easily activated from the central locking button on the vehicle key fob.
  • A service body security alarm is available, ensuring that an alarm will be instantly activated if the service body is compromised in any way.
  • Hidrive canopy and service body doors are constructed with an internal fuselage, resulting in exceptionally robust and reliable doors that are extremely secure.