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Full Canopy Service Bodies
Full length canopy service bodies provide a safe mobile workspace that delivers year-round access to the tools of trade, regardless of weather conditions. The fully-enclosed three door service body is secure, and sealed against the elements.
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Part Canopy Service Bodies
Part canopy service bodies offer the best of both worlds, with a combined ute canopy and rear tray. The rear tray can be used to deliver bulky items, while the enclosed canopy creates a clean dry space for tools of the trade.
Tool Module.jpg
Tool Module Service Bodies
Tool module ute service bodies provide storage space in the centre aisle, with the option of a rear tray section. The centre aisle is ideal for moving longer items, while the integrated tool modules keep tools clean, dry and secure inside.
Protect Your Equipment from Damage and Theft
Our ute service bodies are fully secure, ensuring that your vehicle contents are safe from theft. The weatherproof service body with rubber seals also protects your equipment from exposure to wind, rain and sun, because our service body range is designed to withstand harsh conditions.
Service Bodies for Fleet, Trade and Mining
We are specialists at creating custom powder coated service bodies for fleet, trade and mining. Our many years of experience in fabrication has resulted in service body fit outs that are intelligently designed, engineered for safety and built to go the distance - whether in the city or the outback.
Custom Solutions to Upgrade Your Ute
Fully customisable, our dual cab canopies and trade service bodies are available in an extensive range of configurations that are designed to fit your ute. Whether it be full canopy, part canopy or tool module, we have the service body to match the make, model and chassis of your vehicle.
External Accessories
We don’t just do service bodies, we also have a wide range of accessories. Hidrive’s external accessories range includes roof racks, ladder slides, under tray boxes, under tray roller drawers, gas bottle restraints and tow bars. These provide an excellent solution for most trade needs. Select from our range of options.
Internal Accessories
Hidrive also has a range of accessories designed to suit the internal fit out of your service body. Select from a wide range of modular internal accessories, including rubber matting, shelving kits, mesh dividers, roof shelves, drawer units, fold down vice kits, fridge slides drawers, fire extinguishers, and parts storage bins.
Electrical Accessories
Hidrive has a highly qualified and experienced automotive electrical installations team, so you can be confident that your electrical system is designed and installed to a high standard. Our range of electrical accessories includes work lights, plug connectors, inverters, isolation switches and air compressors.