Seven Questions for 2022 Fleets

January 25, 2022

Service Bodies For Utes, Trailers & Trucks

A New Year is often a chance to reassess and reflect, but when’s the last time you had a proper think about your fleet? Is it operating at its best or could it be better? Is it holding back other areas of your business?

Feedback from your crews and customers can really help here, especially if jobs are taking longer than expected. Ultimately, is your fleet fit for purpose or is it outdated and costing you time and money?

With safety requirements and increased innovation, the New Year is an opportunity to revisit your fleet to make sure it’s earning its keep within your business, and providing the best opportunity for crews to serve customers for a sustainable, profitable long-term operation.

Here are seven simple questions you should ask of your fleet to ensure its at its most effective.

– What’s missing from your fleet? Back to basics
–  A simple checklist will ensure that your fleet is equipped and ready to tackle any challenges an unpredictable 2022 may throw at it. Ask the basics:
– What challenges have you faced that may need addressing?
– Does your fleet effectively carry all the necessary equipment?
– Is this equipment easily accessed for maximum speed and minimal downtime when your crew is on the clock?
– Can it operate safely in tricky weather conditions?
– Is your fleet ready for any sudden or unpredictable events?
– Ultimately, is it fit for purpose?

Feedback from your team – and suppliers – can help determine if you’re making the most of your fleet. Hidrive can help by reviewing your current fleet in collaboration with your team and help develop an action plan.

Lost tools? Can’t access them in poor weather?
An efficient fit-out can save time, money and maximise effectiveness. 
If you or your crew are spending time struggling to find tools and equipment, that means you’re not operating as efficiently as possible, impacting wait time for the next job. What’s more, being able to access them in poor weather, or at night, makes a smart fit-out essential.

Failure to plan is planning to fail, which makes planning your fit-out critical. What’s more, Hidrive’s experienced team can help with the most efficient layouts and arrangements for your specific needs.

Unsure? Holding off can cost you money.
Timing is everything and updating your fleet must be done at the right time. If you’re decommissioning older vehicles, this has to be done at the right time, too – extending their stay while you suffer delays in new equipment arriving can be expensive.

Hold-ups also distract you from the more important task at hand: running your business. This is why Hidrive has an on-time guarantee: so you can be confident in making decisions and steps regarding your fleet. We’ll work with you to ensure we meet your deadlines, on time, ready for your next job.

What can you learn from other fleets that you can implement for your fleet?
Looking for an answer to a stowage or carrying issue? Need to carry tanks, move parts, or shift heavy amounts of equipment? If you can think of it, Hidrive’s national client base has likely done it.

We have experience and knowledge that you can access to help make informed decisions so your fleet is at its best. We also have full in-house ground-up design and local manufacturing capability to produce a solution specific for your fleet, too.

What level of support does your fleet have to keep it on the road?
The confidence of national support team is something Hidrive can bring to your business.

Operating across all time zones, our Australia-wide footprint means we’re always close by, with our team ready to help with advice, parts or solutions to keep your fleet on the road and on the go.

We also have a quality national repairer network to swiftly get your fleet back in shape and on the road again.

Never miss an opportunity: boost your brand
Branding is critical: your fleet is not only the backbone of your business, but is an ‘always on’ 24/7 mobile brand awareness campaign.

Take full advantage of this opportunity to ensure your fleet is not only well maintained and fully operational but matches your company ideals and creates value for the customer – and enables you to position your brand as a premium, high-level operation.

A well maintained, smart fleet shows a successful, effective operation: It’s a simple free kick for your business.

Protect your investment
Security by design is part of any successful fleet: thefts and damage mean cost to replace tools, repair vehicles and – worse – can leave your fleet inoperable as you pay wages up in smoke for crews unable to function. Worse, as a sole trader, clients are left waiting and jobs snowball – if they don’t go elsewhere…

That’s why it’s critical not only to insure your fleet but choose fit-for-purpose service bodies that incorporate security elements in their design through quality-made materials and construction. These limit the risk of the worst happening while also reducing recurring insurance premiums.

For additional after advice or support, contact our friendly service team on 1300 368 161 or via who are ready for your questions. Start to configure your service body today or view our inspiration gallery.