The Difference Between a Ute Canopy and a Service Body

September 19, 2016

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Ute canopies and service bodies are the best way to maximise work and storage space on your ute, but what is the difference between the two?

What are ute canopies and service bodies?

A ute canopy is also known as a “ute canopy service body” or a “service body”. The two terms are used interchangeably: in the Australian ute market businesses and trade clients often refer to it as a “service body”, where recreational clients would generally use the term “canopy”. Both terms refer to a modular enclosure installed on a ute or small truck that is secure, sealed against the elements and fitted with accessories to suit what the ute is used for. A ute service body can be a Tool Canopy type ute body, part canopy type ute body or full canopy ute body.

What are the most popular makes and models?

What are the benefits of ute canopies and service bodies?

Ute service bodies provide a safe mobile workspace for people in a variety of industries. Offering all-round access to tools of trade, they provide a clean, dry work area that is safe, secure and sealed against the elements; protecting valued tools and equipment inside. The modular fit-out means that service bodies can be tailored to suit your specific ute storage and equipment requirements, making maximum use of the available space.

Externally they are a highly visible and effective way to advertise your business, which unlike other forms of advertising, vehicle signs will give you the added value of impacting potential clients again and again, and will enhance the image of your company to existing clients without ongoing costs.