Kevrek Cranes

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12 Month Warranty

Accessories / Lift Hoist & Hydraulic

Kevrek Cranes

Kevrek Cranes is Australia’s largest manufacturer of light vehicle-mounted hydraulic cranes, available in a range of configurations to meet varied lifting and loading applications. Hidrive offers service body solutions compatible with Kevrek’s 550S, 700S and 1000S crane options, suited to light commercial vehicles and utes.

Class A A B
Model 550S 700S 1000S
Power 12V/24V 12V/24V 24V
Lift Capacity 0.5 ton/m 0.75 ton/m 1.25 ton/m
Hydraulic Slewr 290 deg 290 deg 310 deg
Max. Load 550kg 700kg 990kg
Base/Stabiliser Inc N/A N/A N/A
Weight 135kg 162kg 183kg
Dual Battery Required N N Y
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Features & Benefits

  • Hidrive has a range of service body solutions compatible with Kevrek Cranes
  • Our engineering team have developed a range of options to meet customer needs while also complying with safety requirements. Hidrive will design, engineer and install an integrated crane-base for your vehicle


Compatibility Ute
Warranty 12 Month manufacturers warranty

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