Hidrive sponsor Rapid Relief Team

September 20, 2019

Hidrive sponsor Rapid Relief Team

Hidrive sponsor Rapid Relief Team. We are compassionate supporters of the Rapid Relief Team (RRT). The work they do across Australia and around the world is exceptional. We believe that it is important to make a meaningful contribution to those in less fortunate scenarios in the communities we live in and do business.

Hidrive are committed to the ongoing support of the Rapid Relief Team (RRT). We make donations consistently throughout the year. We donated an additional $20,000 to the RRT to assist with  operations relating to drought and bush fire relief efforts.

Through their volunteer support and community sponsorships, Rapid Relief Team are an organisation that coordinate reactive and proactive operations. The help and provide support to communities worldwide that are suffering from adversities.

Reactive Operations

RRT volunteers are well structured, trained, willing to help and contribute resources to reduce suffering and loss in times of need. The reactive operations of RRT are deployed in times of natural disasters and emergencies.

Proactive Operations

Hidrive sponsor Rapid Relief Team who actively supports many honourable charitable organisations across the globe. This is completed through fundraising events, via catering and support at events. These charities include Australia’s Youth, Emergency Services, Homeless Missions and Health & Disabilities.

Hidrive are compassionate supporters of Rapid Relief Team’s current operations throughout Australia:

As part of Operation Drought Relief, now known as, Farmers Community Connect, RRT responded to the major environmental crises. They supplied over 150 tonnes of protein supplement to around 300 approved applicants across targeted towns in the central west. This supplement is designed to feed livestock including sheep and cattle – providing them with the protein, energy, and nourishment they need to help them survive during harsh conditions.

Operation fire relief is designed to bring hope and a helping hand to fire ravaged communities. RRT donated a $1,000 gift voucher to each family/recipient who has lost their home, an RRT Family Food Box and Cookie the Kookaburra to children affected.

Operation Christmas Dinner

Rapid Relief Team helped bring farming families together last Christmas by donating $250 food gift vouchers to bring joy and hope.

These operations are prime examples of the community, compassion and support that RRT strive to achieve daily.  Hidrive will continue to be compassionate supporters long into the future.

Use these links if you would like further information on Rapid Relief Team (RRT) and the work that they do or if you would like to donate to this noble cause.

Thanks to everyone involved in the Rapid Relief Team.



(information for this article was sourced from RRT website and sponsorship materials).