Service bodies
for Utes, trailers & trucks.

Fit-for-purpose. Compliant. Nationally.


Make certain your mobile workspace is compliant, flexible, consistent, efficient, sealed and looks great for years to come.

Leading fleet managers and SME’s make certain with Hidrive

Fit for your purpose.

Over 250 staff humbly set the standard in workforce mobility, delivering certainty at every stage for customers, suppliers and Hidrive colleagues.


A mobile workspace that’s uniquely yours.

Jobs are always easier when your ute, trailer or truck is fitted out just for you. We take the time to listen and understand your trade, then make and fit what you need to save you time and hassles daily for years to come.

Engineered to withstand the elements.

Smart design for easy access and protection from rain, dust and theft. Make certain your equipment is ready when you need it.

Functional, inside and out, top to bottom.

You will benefit from our experience tailoring our modular system for every industry, across 20,000+ vehicles, and counting!

Make Certain

For the same reasons you choose a leading brand vehicle, choose a Hidrive service body.

Built different to be light & strong

Our aluminium service bodies are engineered in the same way as aircraft engineers bond aluminium panels to the fuselage using polyurethane adhesives in an oven. This helps handle years of vibrations on our unforgiving roads.

Durability & value

Forget about cracking, rust, dust and leaks. Think better value - and avoid complaints from your team.

We design, manufacture & install

Hidrive is a one-stop-shop, vertically integrated manufacturer of shelves, benches, drawers, towbars and over 190 accessories. We often act as the central coordination point for you and your dealer, FMO and everyone involved. We can handle your compliant GVM upgrade, bullbar, towbar and almost anything else – even your fleet branding.

with certainty.

Industry-leading, fit-for-purpose service bodies installed at our company-owned facilities in Sydney, Goulburn, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

One of the reasons why mechanics join and stay at EMS is the gear we get to use, especially the vehicles. We couldn’t be happier with the Hidrive service bodies on our trucks and utes, they’re so much easier and safer to work with.

Elphinstone Mechanical Services

We installed Hidrive service bodies across our national fleet for 350+ field staff…Hidrive service bodies are safe, cost-effective, great quality and the only option I have used for over a decade in my managerial capacity since coming across this brand.

Elmo Pavis

As a professional who relies on my vehicle to get the job done, having everything I need at my fingertips is crucial. Thanks to Hidrive’s attention to detail and expertise in customisation, my service body is not only durable and reliable, but it’s also designed to meet my unique needs. Great quality, great product & great service!

Ross Wood
Field Technician
Ross Wood Electrical

As a field mechanic for John Deere, having a reliable and fully customised service body for my Ford Ranger is essential to getting the job done efficiently. That’s why I turned to Hidrive, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s simply fantastic!

Brandt / Field Mechanic For John Deere
Hidrive Case Study - Service Bodies for Utes

Canberra Pest Control has had Hidrive build all our new vehicle service bodies for the last 3 years. The quality of the product is second to none and the after-sales service continues well after the vehicles are delivered. I highly recommend Hidrive and will continue to use their products and services for many years to come.

Bernard Dunne
Pest Control Expert
Canberra Pest Control
Hidrive Service Body Accessories

“In my opinion they are leaders in their field when it comes to the quality and durability of their product, technical expertise, national coverage capability, competitive pricing and account management. They also provide strong after sales support and warranty work without any issues.”

Lorna Toynton
Vehicle Management & Benefits Coordinator
Cummins South Pacific


Hidrive is 100% Australian-owned.

Our service bodies, components and other products are made right here in Australia. Hidrive is vertically integrated, manufacturing shelves, benches, drawers, towbars and many other accessories.


Trailer Service Bodies

Did you know that we provide complete trailer solutions?

Registered & delivered anywhere in Australia.

Full Canopy, Part Canopy, Tool Module or U Module options, fitted with your choice of 100+ accessories.

Case Studies

Elphinstone Mechanical Services

EMS Field Mechanic Fleet

EMS collaborated with Hidrive to design and manufacture our fleet of fit-for-purpose ute and truck service bodies, making life easier and more productive for our mechanical services team every day.
“One of the reasons why mechanics join and stay at EMS is the gear we get to use, especially the vehicles. We couldn’t be any happier with the Hidrive service bodies on our trucks and utes, they’re so much easier and safer to work with.”

Intura Field Service Technician Fleet

Intura needed a quality, reliable fleet of ute service bodies that could withstand rough treatment and keep their tools and equipment organised and secure.
“‘…they literally came ready to go to roll out into the field.'”

Vestas Ute and Trailer Fleet

Nine years ago, Hidrive fitted our utes with service bodies, and they’re still going strong. So when we needed a trailer, it was a no-brainer…
“The Hidrive trailer has been A1!”

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