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The service industry is an ever evolving landscape and now, more than ever, service industries are moving towards truck mounted service bodies to suit their changing needs.


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Below you will find good background information on Hidrive. While you’re here, have a look through our service bodies, range of accessories, about or news pages for additional information.

Hidrive Service Bodies

Hidrive Service Bodies means mobile workspaces for utes and light trucks. It is a tried and tested engineered platform which is easily configured the meet the rigorous demands and diverse needs of our clients.

Hidrive FleetBrand

Hidrive FleetBrand means your brand made consistently easy, so no matter where your vehicle fleet is located or what the vehicles are we make your vehicle signage easy.

There is a Hidrive near you! Hidrive’s national footprint underpins our ability to consistently deliver exceptional service to our customers.  As a vertically integrated business you have the assurance that we have control over all facets of design, manufacture, installation and product support.

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We understand that all successful businesses operate in a time critical environment. Hidrive’s On Time Guarantee is proof of our commitment that we always deliver on our promise.

At Hidrive we design and manufacture quality service bodies for utes and light trucks.

Our service bodies can be finished to match your ute or truck colour with fleet signage, while featuring elegant curved sides and a strong aluminium co-bonded frame. In Australia, Hidrive service bodies are second to none, renowned for their refined finish and engineered design.

Our service bodies have been tried and tested in a variety of extreme conditions, from metropolitan areas to remote outback roads and mining sites. They are engineered to be robust and reliable, so you can get the job done no matter where you are.

Hidrive is a leading brand in the light commercial vehicle operators who are serious about safe, reliable and cost-effective mobile workspace solutions.


We achieve this by having a clear vision to uplift the safety, reliability and economy of your mobile workspace / field service needs and by harnessing the power of our experienced design and operations teams with cutting edge modular design systems.

OUR TEAM – The heartbeat of our business ethos is continuous improvement, training and professional development.

SAFETY – Provide safe and functional mobile workspaces for a broad spectrum of business activities.

INTEGRITY – To deliver what we promise, when we promise.

OUTCOMES – We have the scale to meet or exceed your expectations and the versatility to ensure that no detail is omitted.

SYSTEMS – Great systems energise our people. With clear  targets every team player leaves their job for the day knowing how they succeeded and looking forward to tomorrow!

Hidrive’s ISO 9001 quality certification is the ultimate benchmark for quality management. This demonstrates our ability to consistently deliver quality services in demanding markets and our serious commitment to continuous improvement of our systems and products.

We understand that just like us, your business operates in a competitive environment and the stakes on safety, efficiency and cost constraints are high. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations and provide you with realistic solutions.

New developments are spear headed by our research and development unit, which is a separate business entity. This ensures that our clients remain at the forefront of the fleet trades and field services business, while meeting the compliance and sustainability challenges of the future.

Excellence in our people, excellence in design, excellence in operations, excellence in lean manufacturing methodologies and excellence in systems and quality management.

Hidrive is a leading brand in the lexis of fleet operators who are serious about safe, reliable and cost-effective mobile workspace solutions. Strong support and loyalty from our clients including mutual and effective affiliation with leading fleet providers.

Hidrive service bodies and FleetBrand is available throughout Australia. Our locations include sales and installations sites in Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC and Brisbane QLD as well as our eastern states manufacturing plant in Goulburn NSW and Western Australia manufacturing plant in Perth WA operating sales and installations.

No matter where you are in Australia, we can deliver our service bodies nationwide, from one vehicle to an entire national fleet. We provide support right across the country, through our network of certified service body maintenance agents.

Trust is hard earned, not by the product alone, but by the company behind the product. This is the mission that our visionary founders established and to this day it is what guides our team of great people. The success and solidarity of our business has been built on a commitment to working together and sharing talent and knowledge, thereby delivering economical and effective solutions that accelerate the success of our people and our clients.

Our success lies within Hidrive’s proprietary modular design, which delivers superb versatility and is engineered to minimise weight for maximum reliability and payload.

The engineered polymer co-bonded aluminium construction within our products has proven strength and reliability for metro through to extreme remote operating conditions.