Paint Protection Film

Protect the work and load zone of external painted surfaces from scuffs, stains and paint damage.

Dropside Protective Covering

Black poly edging that protects paintwork and panel edges from dents and scuffs. Helps items slide over dropside edges and can boost the resale value of your vehicle.

Floor Vent

Air vent for additional fresh air ventilation through the floor.

Louvre Vent

Slim-lined, surface-mounted vent for side applications.

ROPS Cell, Vehicle Specific

Roll over protection cell for safe compliant access to work sites

Roll Over Protection Structure Cell with removable halo. Removable halo for access to both ROPS and non-ROPS sites. Compatible with single and extra cab vehicles only. Images shown with and without removable halo.

Rear Aisle Door

Mesh door to rear of centre aisle, Lift off hinges allow easy removal of door when unlocked

Full panel or mesh door to rear of centre aisle, lift-off hinges allow easy removal of door when unlocked. Various widths.