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U Canopy
All-Rounder Trailer

A great mix of the advantages of part/ tool canopies. Outside, there’s aisle space for items such as the compressor, plus a flexible rear tray area. Inside, you have more depth than a tool canopy, enabling you to secure stock and larger items.

Key Highlights

Hidrive Trailer U Canopy Features
Hidrive Trailer U Canopy Features
Hidrive Trailer U Canopy Features
Hidrive Trailer U Canopy Features
Service Bodies For Utes, Trailers & Trucks
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Hidrive Trailer U Canopy Hover Top

Aluminium polymer co-bonded construction.

The door seal channels water away, helping keep your workspace dry while the door is open. And our positive sealing system seals against dust and water ingress when closed.


Concealed dual action adjustable hinge.

Keeps moving parts out of the weather, provides worldclass security and sealing at the top, bottom and sides.


Aisle cover & door.

The alloy mesh sliding aisle cover and lockable mesh door enable ventilation, security and visibility for your tools and stock.


Contoured body.

A unique shape designed with modern vehicle aesthetics, aerodynamics and fuel efficiency in mind.


On-site power, solar and batteries.

The combination of the solar (120W x 2), 1200W inverter with RCD, and the dual battery system, enables you to charge tools and run lighting using on-site power, solar and batteries.
RCD (residual current devices) ensure compliance and boost staff safety by protecting against the risk of electrocution and fire caused by earth faults. Future-proof your trailer. Ensure you can take your trailer onto more job sites by investing in world-class electrical safety compliance.



Single rotating lock handle with hardened locking rods and stainless steel striking plates offers unrivalled strength and security, giving you peace of mind. Hidrive doors are also more easily replaceable than flush mounted designs.

Hidrive Trailer Mini Brochure U Canopy Tooltip Side

Flush floor system.

Never jam your fingers against a floor lip again! Easier to unload, use sliders and drawers.


Internal, external & under tray integrated fixing tracks.

For easy accessory repositioning & avoiding the need to drill holes in your service body (shown with optional rubber inserts).


Sealed tight.

The door seal channels water away, helping keep your workspace dry while the door is open. And our positive sealing system seals against dust and water ingress when closed.


Removable tail light panel.

Easily replaced. Don’t fall for cheaper designs with welded tail light panels. Ensure your ute is back on the road quicker after minor accidents.


Trailer Light Lock & Go System

includes remote central locking, door activated** internal LED lighting and 12V double cig socket. Remote central locking saves you time at every job. With its separate remote, solar and dual battery system, the trailer is a stand-alone workspace. (Door keys provided for manual locking.) If the Solar panels are not exposed to sunlight for extended periods, the dual battery system can be charged & electrical operation maintained with a generator or on-site power.
**Door Ajar Alarm System only available on utes/trucks.

Case Studies


Vestas Ute and Trailer Fleet

Nine years ago, Hidrive fitted our utes with service bodies, and they’re still going strong. So when we needed a trailer, it was a no-brainer…
Hidrive Trailer Service Bodies -
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“The Hidrive trailer has been A1!”
  • Dual axle 3.2 ton aluminium trailer chassis
  • Rocker-roller style suspension
  • 1850mm overall width
  • 50mm Ball Hitch
  • 265/70 R16 tyres with 6 stud sunraysia rims
  • 4 wheel electric brakes with breakaway unit
  • Spare wheel fitted to draw bar
  • U Canopy: L2400 x W1850 x H1000
  • Full width front canopy: L750 x W1850
  • Tool Canopies: L1650 x W600
  • Door Openings: 2 x 625mm + 2 x 1450mm
  • Aluminium co-bonded construction 3600 radius
  • Door open seal system with tri-action concealed hinges
  • Internal/external integrated accessory fixing track
  • 2pcs Accessory fixing tracks/front external panel/full width/ H220 & H420
  • 4pcs Accessory fixing tracks/rear external panels of tool canopy/ H220 & H420
  • Dropsides to rear tray section
  • Rope rails to rear tray section
  • Pull down straps fitted to all doors
  • Underbody Rear Roller Drawer

Utility under 4500kg
Front/Rear/Axle weight compliance report (For vehicle registration/ licensing authority purposes in the state of vehicle registration).

  • Fitment declaration for ADR compliance
  • Secure vehicle storage whilst in Hidrive care custody and control including 24/7 recorded CCTV
  • Insurance for vehicle whilst in Hidrive care custody and control (unless otherwise insured)
  • White paint, tray top series
  • Colour matched canopy interiors, tray top and tray sides painted for a premium look
  • All ute and truck manufacturer brand colours available
  • No additional charge for white 2K finish
  • Dark powder coated underbody boxes and wheel arches for durability and long-term aesthetics

Tare Weights

Kerb weight of trailer 1 440.0 440.0 20.0 420.0
Hidrive service body and accessories. 1 992.2 992.2 101.9 890.4

Other Specs

Max Download: 320 kg Capacity: 3200 kg
Used Download: 122 kg Tare Weights: 1432 kg

Included Accessories

Rear aisle door, alloy meshRead More
Removable aisle divider, alloy meshRead More
Sliding aisle cover, alloy meshRead More
Trailer spare wheel/tyre, 16“ steelRead More
Integrated Hidrive strut, per metreRead More
Underbody Box, trailer L3600, front LHS & front RHS Read More
Chassis poly water tank, 75ltr Read More
Diesel air compressor, O/U, 350lpm/100psiRead More
Air/water reel, Retracta 10mm x 15mtr, fitted with bracketRead More
Wheel chocks and bracket <750mm tyre, pair Read More
One-Click medium duty slide, W920 x L520 Read More
Work bench top, suits W920 x L520 Read More
One-Click tool/U canopy shelving, dividerRead More
One-Click shelf, tool/U canopy, adjustable length up to L1650, W310mmRead More
One-Click shelf, tool canopy, adjustable length up to L1650, W410mmRead More
One-Click vehicle drawer, 920x475x180mm, 1 tierRead More
One-Click parts cabinet, H315, 3/85mm casesRead More
Internal roof shelf, mesh panel, L1210 x W500 x H250Read More
Rubber mat, 10mm holed, profiled to L3600 up to W2400 Read More
AGM Dual battery, 12V DC/Solar, 105Ah/25A Read More
REDARC Inverter – ATS & RCBO 12V, 1200W Read More
Solar panel, REDARC SMRP1060 60W x 2 Read More
240V Aux Battery Charger, Victron 10A Charger Read More
Light Lock & Go Kit, 12V, 4-doorRead More

Registration Weighing and Pitting & Stamp Duty

Leave no doubt.

Hidrive can licence the trailer as part of the process.

While our trailers are designed to withstand extremes, it is recommended that tailers operate within safe working limits.

We do not always have demonstration trailers at every location nationally, so please call ahead to check prior.

We do have demo utes. We can put the same full variety of service bodies (in essence) on trailers.

Please contact us to make time to view a trailer.

Yes, all 3.2 ton trailers have electric brakes.

Dual-axle is offered to deliver the rigorous quality standards that we set for ourselves at Hidrive.

2.0 ton and 3.2 ton trailer chassis.

Typically, we require an ‘RTSG Form’, 30% Deposit or a Purchase order from an approved customer to commence our delivery process. Feel free to reach out if you would like more information about this.

Aluminium trailers are much lighter, so they are easier to pull, better for fuel economy, have a higher load capacity, reduce braking distances, and can help to meet GCM compliance, all without compromising strength and durability. Additionally, aluminium also does not rust and looks much better if stone chips occur.

This will largely depend on compliance requirements. Feel free to speak with one of our friendly staff.

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